McDonald’s re-names stores Macca’s in Australia Day PR stunt

Thirteen McDonald’s restaurants around the country will undergo a name-change to Macca’s in an Australia Day-related PR stunt.

The fast food stores will be given the Australian nickname for the restaurant, with new store signage.

Chief marketing officer Mark Lollback told The Daily Telegraph: “What better way to show Aussies how proud we are to be a part of the Australian community than change our store signs to the name the community has given us.”

The name change stunt will run until February 4, when the stores will return to normal.

The first name change will start from today at Engadine in the Sutherland Shire, NSW and at Brisbane’s Kangaroo Point. The roll-out will continue throughout Sydney to Bondi Beach, Gladesville, Glenmore Park and Thornleigh as well as Victorian, South Australian and WA signage on Thursday.

The campaign will run across digital, print, outdoor, social media and PR. The campaign is backed by an ad created by DDB.



  1. William
    8 Jan 13
    11:17 am

  2. Very clever marketing I think, I quite like it :)

  3. WD
    8 Jan 13
    11:40 am

  4. Nothing says ‘true blue Aussie’ like an American franchise burger chain selling Big Macs, French Fries and cookies…!

  5. paul the freelance writer
    8 Jan 13
    11:58 am

  6. “American franchise … chain”

    Emotive nonsense. McDonald’s Australia has for over forty years done more to teach young Australians the value of hard work and the rewards of enterprise than a thousand TAFEs, colleges and universities.

  7. Is this not a remake?
    8 Jan 13
    12:07 pm

  8. Here is a UK version from 2 years ago:

    Very similar, just not Aussie.

  9. Groucho
    8 Jan 13
    1:26 pm

  10. @paul the freelance writer they might have taught them the value of hard work but it is a pity they didn’t pay them fairly for it don’t you think?

  11. bored.of.your. nonsense.
    8 Jan 13
    1:57 pm

  12. aaaaah Groucho youre back behind your desk i see. where would we be with out the Queen of the keyboard warriors..?… welcome back!….

  13. Max
    8 Jan 13
    2:10 pm

  14. Yeah Paul, it’s great that giant multi-nationals have forced the closure of all the small business that used to employ young people, leaving them with no option but to sweat it out in those disgusting Maccas production lines. It’s fantastic how they’re 24 hours too, so school kids are forced into unhealthy sleeping habits. Because it’s not like that’s an extreme detriment to the development, at a time when their bodies need the most rest of their lives.

  15. paul the freelance writer
    8 Jan 13
    2:11 pm

  16. They earn more than teenagers curled up on the couch, Groucho. Or studying Marxism at university, for that matter.

  17. Kate Richardson
    8 Jan 13
    2:13 pm

  18. Do they need the apostrophe?

  19. Adam
    8 Jan 13
    2:20 pm

  20. Love it.

  21. Matt Sim
    8 Jan 13
    3:13 pm

  22. Apparently the restaurant belongs to a guy named Macca @KateRichardson

  23. WD
    8 Jan 13
    3:15 pm

  24. @paul the freelance writer … Yes, a pox upon all those damn universities for turning out all those doctors, nurses, teachers and engineers… Far better to be a fat prick eating this muck…

  25. So yeah
    8 Jan 13
    3:19 pm

  26. #apostrophefail

  27. So yeah
    8 Jan 13
    3:42 pm

  28. Anonymous
    8 Jan 13
    4:10 pm

  29. @paul the freelance writer.. …’They earn more than teenagers curled up on the couch, Groucho. Or studying Marxism at university, for that matter”

    How silly of me not to realise that makes it right.

    And Marx was a good writer, perhaps you could benefit from a little reading.

  30. Chris
    8 Jan 13
    10:41 pm

  31. #hardlyapostrophefail

    It’s normally called McDonald’s, with an apostrophe, so it makes sense to have it as Macca’s. That said, it was Richard and Maurice McDonald who started the restaurant, so it probably should have been McDonalds’, then Maccas’.

    @paul the freelancer, is most of your freelance work writing press releases for McDonald’s? What a load of garbage The only way McDonald’s has taught ” the value of hard work and the rewards of enterprise” is by encouraging pimply teenagers to get a decent education lest they end up flipping burgers, wiping down tables, and cleaning toilets into their twenties and thirties.

  32. BrentW
    9 Jan 13
    9:28 am

  33. Ah great to see Mumbrella’s community at it’s finest.

  34. HappyNewYear
    9 Jan 13
    11:38 am

  35. Everyone is certainly back from their well earned break over the festive period…

    Love and hugs all round

  36. MJ
    9 Jan 13
    11:42 am

  37. I love lamp.

  38. James Wester
    9 Jan 13
    12:13 pm

  39. Extremely clever and I hope it’s done with regard with a combination of top grossing stores and top awarded stores, which usually factor together.

  40. Chico
    9 Jan 13
    12:31 pm

  41. Glad to see you guys are on a roll…

    It’s Vinnies and deja vue all over again I say

    If they really wanted to do something “Aussie” they’d give back Bakery Hill in Ballarat (the site of Eureka) the so imperialistically subsumed

    PS @Paul The Freelance Writer – could you possibly change your moniker – I get you confused with the other same-named pro writers – thanx

  42. Pitch Doctor
    9 Jan 13
    2:06 pm

  43. I’m with Chico. If paul the freelance writer really is a freelance writer how come he posts with such useless and lame comments? Could he be trying to screw it up for the Pauls the proper freelance writers?

    @Chris it is unlikely that even Mc Ds would use a writer of this calibre.

  44. Rob Yella
    9 Jan 13
    3:15 pm

  45. I’m with Pitch Doctor on that – it’s like when posters have to use someone else’s name to make their point relevant – and it’s so obvious when a fake Groucho comes along, or a pretend Ad Grunt, or a harping Harpo… etc

    The only upside is that one appreciates the Real Groucho even more

  46. Stavros
    9 Jan 13
    3:54 pm

  47. About as Australian as Pavlova (NZ), BBQ (Central America) and the saying ‘True Blue’ (US).

  48. Mike
    9 Jan 13
    4:50 pm

  49. One word: Puke.
    McDonald’s trying to be Australian? Who do they think they’re kidding?

  50. bob is a rabbit
    9 Jan 13
    5:04 pm

  51. Yeah, I’m on board. Decent PR stunt. Would probably make me smile for a second if I saw one. Then I’d start to be cynical and find it try-hard. Vinnies made sense. And had more commitment.

  52. Knobby Piles
    9 Jan 13
    5:17 pm

  53. Doug Pitt Street store for Virgin was witty – this is average and not really very Aussie

    @mike, @stavros – totally agree

    hey let’s all go out and paint the town mediocre!

  54. Mort Polymer
    9 Jan 13
    5:21 pm

  55. Vinnies had V for Vernacular; this has P for Pathetic

  56. Josh Russell
    11 Jan 13
    9:00 am

  57. Bugga changing it just for Australia Day. I say change it and Leave it at that name for good here in Australia. 😉

  58. Bob
    11 Jan 13
    10:32 am

  59. “Emotive nonsense. McDonald’s Australia has for over forty years done more to teach young Australians the value of hard work and the rewards of enterprise than a thousand TAFEs, colleges and universities.”

    All it taught me was how to steal chicken nuggets and beef patties while the manager’s back was turned.

  60. Sydneynudism
    11 Jan 13
    12:21 pm

  61. McDonald’s is a big spender in your industry. Why bite the hand…

  62. nell schofield
    11 Jan 13
    2:16 pm

  63. seems to be a lot of aspiring Marxists on their keyboards today

    let’s make it perfectly clear:

    in our free and democratic society, nobody makes anyone eat McDonalds and
    nobody makes anyone work at McDonalds

    now, kiddies, go back to distributing your Green Left Weaklies

  64. john
    17 Jan 13
    2:51 pm

  65. Their icecream still tastes like shaving cream.

  66. GreatStrategy
    17 Jan 13
    7:30 pm

  67. Anyone have any images of stores that have had their signage changed? Not aware of any in WA just yet

  68. Divalot
    18 Jan 13
    8:38 am

  69. Well thought out!

  70. Tony
    21 Jan 13
    2:35 pm

  71. Simple, emotive, low investment & uses assets they have’nt changed for 40 years.. brilliant

  72. Mandy
    23 Jan 13
    9:02 pm

  73. What a waste of money. Will anyone actually notice? How lovely it would be to see the equivalent dollars go to RMHC.

  74. Not the real Stavros innit
    24 Jan 13
    8:59 am

  75. @neil schofield. No body makes anybody eat at mcdonalds, however they try their best to brainwash the masses to do so, by even associating the giant processed food chain with Australia Day.

    About as Australian as mate (UK).

  76. Branding Solutions dot Con
    24 Jan 13
    9:55 pm

  77. How Bogan

  78. steven
    25 Jan 13
    11:33 pm

  79. pretty corny and bogan. dislike.