Medibank targets families with ‘Everything in between’ campaign

Medibank has launched a campaign aimed at families that introduces the new tagline, ‘Everything in between’.

The agency behind the campaign was Whybin\TBWA Group Melbourne, which won the account in June.

Chris Carroll, GM of marketing at Mediabank, commented: “This new campaign is more than just an advertising idea, it marks a new phase in Medibank’s journey toward being a health partner. The campaign developed by Whybin\TBWA sees the full integration of the brand across all of our communications, enabling the Medibank brand to speak with one voice to all of our members’ and people who are making the decision to purchase health insurance.”

Mark Watkin, MD of Whybin\TBWA Group Melbourne added: “We’re happy to see this first phase of the activity for Medibank, it creates a new platform across all areas of their business. We look forward to next iterations.”

CREDITS: Families Campaign: Everything in between
Client – Medibank
Chris Carroll – GM Marketing
Katrina Barbaro – Marketing Manager Brand & Advertising
Tina Conder – Advertising & Media Manager

Agency – Whybin\TBWA
Paul Reardon – Executive Creative Director
Damian Royce – Interactive Creative Director
Michael Syme and Peter Kirwin – Creative Directors
Nat Taylor – Producer
Eyvonne Carfora- Producer
Dave Keating – Online Producer

Katie Firth – Group Account Director
Cassie Cobain – Account Director
James Needham – Strategic Planner

Production Company – Prodigy Films
Matt Palmer – Director
Adrian Shapiro – Producer
Geoffrey Simpson – D.O.P.


  1. bob is a rabbit
    4 Sep 12
    11:54 am

  2. These ads feel like they began life as a beautiful and emotive set of ideas that became bastardised and watered down through stake-holder engagement – the end result being kind of flowery and flat. Good effort for a first round with a notoriously conservative and reactionary client though.

  3. Yawn
    4 Sep 12
    8:52 pm

  4. The brief
    a. Feature multiple target audiences
    b. Positive, uplifting imagery
    c. Web/phone/store CTA

  5. bob is a rabbit
    5 Sep 12
    8:34 am

  6. I suspect the brief also included – “must allow for price point”.