Mindshare wins $45m+ Unilever media account

Mindshare hunileveras won the massive Unilever media account following a three-way pitch, Mumbrella can reveal.

The account – estimated by Nielsen as being worth at least $45m in annual ad spend – may be the biggest piece of media business to change hands during 2011.

Unilever is estimated to be Australia’s eighth biggest spender. The other two agencies pitching for the account were PHD and Initiative, sister agency to tne year incumbent UM which was not in the running.

The result is a massive early win for Mindshare boss James Greet who returned to agencyland seven months ago after a stint running recruitment firm The Ladder. He was previously credited with turning round the fortunes of media agency OMD.  

The appointment begins in March.

Peter Boone, Unilever’s VP of marketing, said: “Unilever is looking forward to building a strong relationship with Mindshare and leveraging the global and regional relationship in Australia to drive our creative and innovative approach to building deeper connections with consumers.”

Greet said: “We are delighted to see the global relationship between Unilever and Mindshare now extend to include Australia. Clearly this is because we were able to demonstrate a strategic and creative capability to live up and deliver Unilever Australia’s ambition in this market.”


  1. Stirrer
    4 Feb 11
    3:28 pm

  2. Congratulations Purple people!!!

  3. Nextdoor
    4 Feb 11
    3:31 pm

  4. Tim, is this true – hearing something different

  5. Anonymous
    4 Feb 11
    3:34 pm

  6. Congrats MS

  7. Dorota Dopierala
    4 Feb 11
    3:36 pm

  8. Fantastic news! Well done Mindshare.

  9. Idontknow
    4 Feb 11
    3:45 pm

  10. Congrats to Mr Greet and definitely the wider Mindshare team … JG has proven he can turn a place around though still needs a team to deliver.

  11. Jack
    4 Feb 11
    3:47 pm

  12. About time! Well done MindShare.

  13. Doug Sherrard
    4 Feb 11
    3:51 pm

  14. Hat off to you Greetster!

  15. steamfrog
    4 Feb 11
    3:52 pm

  16. Yeah nice work guys and gals.

  17. G
    4 Feb 11
    3:56 pm

  18. Congrats!!!

  19. Lex Deez
    4 Feb 11
    3:57 pm

  20. Good one Purple Plonkers:) You deserve it!

  21. Ex senior employee
    4 Feb 11
    4:12 pm

  22. Well done Purple Heads!

    Great news and about time!

  23. anon
    4 Feb 11
    4:13 pm

  24. Well done MindShare Sydney, such a shame that the Melbourne office hasn’t been able to turn their fortunes around.

  25. Christiaan
    4 Feb 11
    4:48 pm

  26. That’s massive… Well done to the share!! Yee haa!!

  27. Brett Dawson
    4 Feb 11
    8:12 pm

  28. Congratulations James, Bruce, Katie and the team. great win.

  29. andie
    5 Feb 11
    4:14 pm

  30. Well done Greety! Fantastic result!

  31. Jack
    7 Feb 11
    11:27 am

  32. What is the spend Tim? You say $45M, but Adnews says $85M.

  33. mumbrella
    7 Feb 11
    11:46 am

  34. Hi Jack,

    Nielsen’s Top Advertisers report, published in Adnews late last year, says $40-45m for FY 2010 (although this wouldn’t include digital).
    A more recent Nielsen estimate – sopurced by B&T – is $80.6m for calender year 2010

    The SMH says $85m, and the AFR $100m.

    So take your pick…


    Tim – Mumbrella