Mix 106.5 puts Rosso in drivetime; Yumi Stynes and Sami Lukis host breakfast; Ant Simpson departs

Lukis and Stynes

ARN is to tear up its key programming lineup on Sydney station Mix 106.5.

The wholesale changes include a brand new breakfast show for Sydney and drivetime show for Sydney and Melbourne.

The new hosts of the Sydney breakfast show will be Sami Lukis – who moves from drivetime where she co-hosted a show with the departing Ant Simpson – and Yumi Stynes who was dropped from the 3PM Pickup in August. ARN says this will be Sydney’s first all-female breakfast team.

The breakfast slot had previously been inhabited by Tim ‘Rosso’ Ross and Claire Hooper. As Mumbrella reported last month, Hooper is also leaving the network. Some commentators had suggested there was little natural chemistry between Rosso and Hooper.

Today’s announcement stressed the rapport between its new breakfast duo.

The network said: “This show will create a real point of difference for Mix106.5 next year with Sami and Yumi each bringing a unique perspective to the lifestyles of the station’s 25-44 year old female demographic. The rapport that each of them have with Mix listeners has previously been demonstrated.”

And ARN’s national content director Duncan Campbell said:  “The combination of Sami and Yumi will make for an exciting new show at breakfast in Sydney in 2013. The chemistry between them is fantastic and they fit the station perfectly.”

Video: Stynes and Lukis get to know each other:


Rosso will now present a solo show in the drivetime slot which will also air on Mix101.1 in Melbourne. ARN said Rosso’s comedic skills made him “uniquely suited” to drivetime.

The move will put Rosso head-to-head with former partner Merrick Watts who co-presents Merrick and the Highway Patrol on Southern Cross Austereo’s Triple M.

ARN has relatively little to lose from carrying out a major shakeup, with Mix106.5 on a weekday share of just 4.6% of the listening audience, according to the most recent set of Nielsen ratings.

Rosso & Claire were rating an average share of 3.9% of the breakfast audience.


  1. nickatnights
    5 Dec 12
    10:29 am

  2. “Rosso’s comedic skills make him uniquely suited to drive time”. Then WTF was he doing on breakfast in 2012?
    I predict that if the new breakfast show is as contrived as the picture of Sami and Yumi that was posted with this story then the current breakfast show rating of 3.9% could be a peak.
    I love the music on Mix Sydney. Love it. But the shows – especially Ryan Seacrest – are dreadful.
    Mix is one of those stations that has the music right and everything else wrong.

  3. Scott
    5 Dec 12
    1:06 pm

  4. What do the ratings look like for Mix breakfast in Melbourne? They must be onto something if they have decided to pursue the same strategy in Sydney.

    I can’t see the Rosso show working in the afternoon. He’s not the right fit for the station – breakfast audience figures in Sydney this year proved it.

  5. Hmmmm!
    5 Dec 12
    1:50 pm

  6. Oh dear – musical chairs!!

  7. Andy in Oz
    5 Dec 12
    8:09 pm

  8. Stynes got another job?…… Will wonders never cease

  9. Renee
    6 Dec 12
    9:38 am

  10. I can’t lie, I am very keen on this line up, I think it’s going to fab. And, I love that neither of them do that typical girlie self-depracating spiel, they’re good, strong, intellgient funny women. What’s not to like?!

  11. Dave
    6 Dec 12
    12:09 pm

  12. Renee – Watch the promo clip above. Both woman talk about men (their relationships), clothing, children, and cooking. It’s the girlie Spiel.

  13. Hayls
    6 Dec 12
    1:48 pm

  14. Just give up and just bring Merrick and Rosso back together already!!

    Love Sami but won’t be listening now thanks to Yumi…

    And where has Ant gone?

  15. Sultan
    6 Dec 12
    8:53 pm

  16. So that officially makes it Merrick V Rosso, not Merrick and Rosso

  17. Renee
    8 Dec 12
    9:32 am

  18. Hey Dave, it’s not that I thought they wouldn’t do girlie stuff, I’m just grateful that neither of them do that self-doubt schtick. There’s a few female radio announcers on air at the moment that just bag themselves out the whole time, using themselves as the joke and I find that really depressing. From my experience of listening to them both, I don’t think either of them have that bad habit.

  19. Lynne Johansen
    9 Dec 12
    12:28 pm

  20. Cannot wait for these girls. Goooo Yumi ✔✔✔

  21. lisa
    11 Dec 12
    1:17 am

  22. I love mix but you can’t get it right…
    Russo is funny in the morning..
    i don’t really listen much in the afternoon
    so i will miss him…loved ant and beck
    love krissy…but yumi i don’t like her
    and sammi comes and goes…
    hey good luck…
    bring back Jason and sammi from about 8 years ago.