Moby and co donate signed clothes in Vinnies campaign

Vinnies and GY&R Sydney have created a multi-platform campaign to push more people through the doors of the charity shop using local and international musicians.

The campaign called Signed Finds has asked artists such as Moby, Boy&Bear, Goyte, Sneaky Sound System, Neil Finn, The Wombats, The Living End and The Vines to donate and sign old clothes and personal items which will be hidden throughout the 253 stores across NSW.

Fans of the charity’s Facebook page will receive hints as to the locations of the garments and encouraged to visit the stores to find them. Fans can also search for #signedfinds on twitter.

GPY&R ECD Julian Watt said: “It’s a highly creative business initiative, and exactly the sort of thinking we’re pushing in the agency. Everyone wins. One of those self perpetuating ideas.”

Luke Simkins, a senior creative at GPY&R, said: “Signed Finds is one of those creative perfect storms. Recording artists get to do something cool for their fans and fans can get their hands on an amazing piece of memorabilia – all while helping people in need.”

The initiative begins on today and continues through the summer festival season, as long as the clothes hang around.


ECD: Julian Watt
CONCEPT: Luke Simkins
Nathan Dunn, David Jackson, Steve Iannello, Ben Akers, Michaela Brown, Luke Simkins
PLANNER: Michaela Brown
ACCOUNT MANAGEMENT: Emma Boyle, Paul Coles, Corina Oborocianu
PRODUCERS: Alex Hay, Bohdi Lewis, Luke Simkins
FAVOURS: Everyone


  1. Ed
    5 Dec 11
    1:19 pm

  2. Best.

  3. JP
    5 Dec 11
    1:42 pm

  4. Very cool. Hope it goes well for Vinnie’s.

  5. Ricki
    5 Dec 11
    1:47 pm

  6. Just picturing my mum, who at 69 is the youngest volunteer at her local Vinnies. “Who?” But it is a very nice idea for those a bit younger than my mum!

  7. Kate Richardson
    5 Dec 11
    1:50 pm

  8. Nice find

  9. michael bailey
    5 Dec 11
    2:43 pm

  10. nice thinking gentlemen and ladies
    Michael Bailey National Head of Creative Red Cross

  11. Maureen
    5 Dec 11
    4:34 pm

  12. Nice one. Once inside digging for these treasures, many will find plenty of reasons to go back for more.

  13. nehadk
    6 Dec 11
    12:31 pm

  14. Nice one. Congrats to all involved.

    My mum, who manages a Vinnies always laments the foot-traffic.

    Just hope people don’t over-do it on the scrounging through clothes and leave a mess for the volunteers to clean up.

  15. Tammy
    6 Dec 11
    5:55 pm

  16. Such a great idea. Nice work!