Molery is afoot on Kyle & Jackie O

“Triple M Rocks the Traffic” according to sister station 2DayFM.

A mole within the Kyle and Jackie O breakfast team is tampering with production all this week.

This morning, as Kyle attempted to play a 2DayFM sting, all he got was this:


It’s not the only incident of molery.

Emma Duxbury’s screen went blank as she read the news, with a ‘Game On Mole’ message appearing instead. Jackie received the old vaseline on the headphones trick and as if he wasn’t cranky enough normally, Kyle was given the wrong coffee. Considering Kyle can’t put down his coffee mug even for an Australia’s Got Talent promo, Dr Mumbo thinks this may be the biggest offense.


  1. Greg
    17 Sep 12
    2:40 pm

  2. This is news? Who the hell cares about an undergraduate style construct. Lift it Mumbrella, or I’m off.

  3. Daniel G
    18 Sep 12
    11:32 am

  4. To be fair, Greg, this *is* in the piss-farting about section called “Dr Mumbo”…

  5. Jamie
    20 Sep 12
    7:55 am

  6. Yes Greg not everything can be Bauhaus in construct for you.