MTR’s Australia Day return from the grave

mtr logoDr Mumbo has always been a fan of resurrection stories around Australia’s national holidays.

Usually, at Easter, but occasionally on Australia Day.

Thus, Macquarie Radio Network’s ill advised Melbourne adventure briefly burst back into life after nearly a year in limbo, with the topical Twitter message: “Happy Australia Day everybody!”

And after one sceptic suggested it was no more than an automated tweet, perhaps set for timed release months before, MTR had a little more to say with a 1.30am update “No auto tweets! Real tweets only here!”

mtr aus day 2

And with that, MTR was silent once again.


  1. Duncan Riley
    28 Jan 13
    4:39 pm

  2. Maybe not so much an automated tweet as a tweet that went out over every twitter account in the network (I.e. one tweet to multiple accounts) maybe using something like Hootsuite or even Tweetdeck; I’d think the former though given the response would indicate a united reply/ response box and perhaps the social media hack or agency wasn’t paying attention to which account it was replying to.

  3. JG
    29 Jan 13
    2:14 pm

  4. Ahhh .. the sincerity of corporate tweets.