NAB rolls out ‘honesty experiments’ ads

NAB has followed up its ‘honesty experiments’ stunt videos earlier this week with a TV campaign to promote its credit card offering.

Created by Clemenger BBDO Melbourne, these are the latest installments of the bank’s Break Up campaign.

Clems Melbourne’s ECD Ant Keogh, said: “Like the ‘Breakup’ before it, this creative idea comes out of NAB changing their behaviour compared to the other banks. Once again, we are just showcasing a great product in a creative way.”


  • Client: NAB
  • Executive Creative Director: Ant Keogh
  • Creative Directors: Tom Martin, Julian Schreiber, Rohan Lancaster, Darren Pitt Senior Creatives: Ben Keenan, Quenton Miller
  • Senior Agency Producer: Sevda Cemo
  • Director: The Glue Society
  • Production company: Will O’Rourke
  • Production company producer: Ian Iveson
  • Post production company: The Editors /HUB PLUS
  • Sound production company: Flagstaff Studios
  • Music Production company: Level Two Music
  • Account management team: Simon Lamplough, Andrew Drougas, Belinda Danks, Melisa Lay, Tanya Garma
  • Planner: Sarah Malcolm Director
  • Digital Innovation: Eaon Pritchard
  • Executive Interactive Producer: Sasha Cunningham
  • Interactive Producer: Terry Mann
  • PR agency: Mango PR


  1. NAB is killing it
    16 Jul 11
    10:56 am

  2. I’d enjoy watching these on TV which is more than I can say for most of the financial services drivel that’s out there.

    Well done NAB.

  3. from my experience
    16 Jul 11
    12:37 pm

  4. Shame the NAB is not an honest bank. I had a closed bank account which was closed in 2007 I deposited money into an open account at the nab so I could by a laptop. The bank somehow deposited the money into my closed account which I did not know was still attatched to my other account. (It was closed for 4 years). They deposited the money into the account in which I had all the documented proof of what happened. After a lot of running around it took 5 weeks for me to get that money back! I have now closed all my accounts at the NAB….beware of the advertising!!!

  5. the dictionary
    16 Jul 11
    3:30 pm

  6. @from my experience. The word NAB means to steal, to take what is not yours. So I guess its NAB by name and NAB by nature!!!!

  7. nickatnights
    17 Jul 11
    4:41 pm

  8. Maybe the banks could honestly explain why they increased their interest rates above the RBA increases earlier this year.
    Answer from the banks: funding rates had increased.
    Honest answer: To achieve record profits.
    Result: record profits.

    Two words. Ant Keogh.

  9. Dabug
    18 Jul 11
    1:26 pm

  10. May be if they drew a circle around the wallet they would have got 100% honesty

  11. Bitter and Twisted
    18 Jul 11
    3:11 pm

  12. What a shame NAB couldnt have got their point across with having to waste peoples time and energy tracking down the owner of a lost wallet just to boost NABs already overflowing profits?

  13. Client
    19 Jul 11
    9:23 pm

  14. honest tea the most honest city in America… Next up the NAB sandwich…

  15. Rosie Cornell
    31 Jul 11
    9:33 pm

  16. Don’t bank nab – (edited for legal reasons). They should spend less money on PR campaigns and taking their hapless customers to court. (Edited for legal reasons). Then they have the gall to have ads about honesty. Unbelievable.

  17. Rosie Cornell
    1 Aug 11
    1:18 pm

  18. hahaha, I notice you didn’t publish my comment; no censorship here though?