Never say no…to koala

When Dr Mumbo first watched the new ad for Fox Sports Lions Tour, he couldn’t help but notice a few similarities to an ad that was quite popular a little while back.

Two cute animals that are unusually aggressive set to some nice, soothing music.


  1. randomswill
    24 May 13
    1:00 pm

  2. To quote that hoary old chestnut, “avoid cheap imitations.”

  3. bucks
    24 May 13
    1:14 pm

  4. Good pick up, I’d forgotten about those Panda cheese ads and how funny they are, and frankly done better than the Fox Sports version (though that’s understandable as were done by an actual agency, not in house). Seriously, that panda is HILARIOUS, and I’d never seen the soccer ball/park edition before, thanks for that.

    One question for Tim Horan in the Fox version, why are you pouring the hot water into your mug before adding the coffee or teabag? Weirdo…