Nine picks up Australia’s Got Talent

Nine Network has  announced that it has picked up Australia’s Got Talent after the talent show franchise was dropped by Seven.

Although the show was included in Seven’s highlights reel for 2013, the network has now indicated it does not have a place for it in its schedule. Seven also airs The X Factor, which has been rating far more strongly than the last series of AGT.

AGT, produced by Fremantle Media, was hurt by running in the same period of Nine’s The Voice, which is produced by Shine.

Yesterday’s news that Seven was dropping AGT briefly increased the likelihood that Ten would bring Australian Idol back. Ten has already said it will air American Idol next year, increasing speculation that it was considering a return for Australian Idol if audiences take to the US version which features Keith Urban among the judges. Urban was previously on The Voice.

AGT would make sense for Nine’s schedule because it would give the network a second talent franchise for when The Voice is off air.

FremantleMedia declined to comment.

2.45pm update: Nine issued the following press release:

Nine Network today confirmed it has acquired the international and local ratings hit Australia’s Got Talent for 2013.

“The Got Talent brand is without doubt one of the world’s biggest entertainment programs right now and we are excited to be adding it to our schedule for 2013 and beyond.” said Nine’s Head of Television Michael Healy today.

The new look Australia’s Got Talent on Nine will have a fresh and fun approach to the production, new hosts and judges and a broader base of exciting talent to bring to the Australian audience. The global success of Got Talent has seen the format top the ratings in Britain- where the finale was watched by a massive 13.8 million, the US, New Zealand and scores of other territories around the world.

“We are already in discussions with a number of exciting judges to bring to the panel and have begun series planning with FremantleMedia on expanding and focusing the search for Australia’s most talented acts to showcase to our audience.” said Michael Healy today.

The Got Talent format now airs in more than 50 territories globally, launching in 9 new territories in 2012 alone, with more on the way. It is a true variety format featuring acts from all performance disciplines, of all ages and from all walks of life.

Australia’s Got Talent is a FremantleMedia Australia production of a Syco and THAMES format for the Nine Network.


  1. Simon
    31 Oct 12
    11:19 am

  2. Are there enough singers, dancers, magicians and entertainers in a pool of 22 million people to sustain XFactor, AGT, The Voice AND Australian Idol? Surely one of them is going to suffer?


  3. Krystal
    31 Oct 12
    12:08 pm

  4. @Simon – is Australian Idol coming back??
    Why CHannel 9, why???

  5. Cognitively DIssonant
    31 Oct 12
    12:08 pm

  6. *calls stockbroker*

    You know how I said let’s buy some shares in Nine: surely they can’t get any lower?

    I was wrong.


  7. Christine
    31 Oct 12
    1:41 pm

  8. I havent heard about Oz Idol. AGT will not make it on Nine. AGT was a fun show and only slipped because of new competition.

  9. tom
    31 Oct 12
    2:43 pm

  10. AGT only bombed due to the voice. It could work on 9 played post Voice

  11. Stephen Barr
    31 Oct 12
    4:15 pm

  12. Simon searching for talent is no longer a priority for these shows so the bed rock dry talent pool means nothing when the programs focus purely on the vain glorious judges.

  13. Dante
    31 Oct 12
    4:54 pm

  14. Ten bought American Idol so they have the format – Aus Idol will be here in 2013 (and will fail horribly).

  15. Christine
    31 Oct 12
    9:06 pm

  16. It will be good if Oz Idol will be great. Look at the crop of young singers coming up both here and internationally. American Idol was a polished show with the contestants dressing up like X factor compared to their poor cousins in The Voice.

  17. Viewer
    1 Nov 12
    11:04 am

  18. @Dante. Ten really have got nothing to lose if they do. They are already so far behind the other networks in ratings as is. Personally, I wouldn’t mind watching ‘Australian Idol’ – that would be an improvement over dreck like ‘The Shire’ and ‘Being Lara Bingle’.