Election ads – the creative verdict

steve coll euro rscg ecdIn this review of election messages from Labor and the Liberals, Havas Worldwide Australia’s executive creative director Steve Coll gives his verdict. 

1. Labor’s ‘A New Way’ 

Negative advertising in positive wrapping. Despite leading with smiling, friendly Uncle Kevin, this is full of unsettling phrases. We face ‘new challenges’. The ‘future isn’t secure’. The mining boom is ‘receding’. It is no time for a novice in the lodge says Kevin Rudd, the voice of experience. 

(ad courtesy of Ebiquity)

2. Labor’s GST scaremongering

This couldn’t be more negative. We see a smiling Kevin Rudd promise not to touch our beloved GST. Unlike that nasty old Tony Abbott. Look at his smug smirk – he’s going to change the GST and enjoy doing it! Strategically, it’s a clear attempt to switch the debate from the Carbon Tax and paint the Liberals as a risk to the economy.

(ad courtesy of Ebiquity)

3. Liberals’ ‘Land of opportunity’

This ad is scoring a lot of points in a very short burst. Tony will scrap the carbon tax. Can you trust him? Of course! He’s standing in front of the Australian flag for goodness sake. We’re reassuringly told this is part of a ‘Plan’, which even has its own leaflet to counter accusations the Liberals are hiding policy details.

(ad courtesy of Ebiquity)

4. Liberals’ ‘Our pledge’ 

Speaking of detail, this next ad is totally devoid of any substance. And deliberately so. The strategy here is that people will vote against Labour rather than for the Liberals. This ad aims to say nothing whilst give White Australia that warm and fuzzy Liberal feeling. And there’s that ‘plan’ of Tony’s again.

(ad courtesy of Ebiquity)


  1. Tom
    15 Aug 13
    12:34 pm

  2. It has been said, with plenty of evidence to support it that parties don’t win office.. they lose it. For Labor to run a scare campaign rather than its record of six years in the job demonstrates just how bloody desperate they are and how meaningless they have become.

  3. Rebecca
    15 Aug 13
    1:00 pm

  4. rushdie
    15 Aug 13
    5:14 pm

  5. Everyone save your money – Just let Murdoch choose our government.
    He was on Whitlam’s side when he came to power and against him when he was booted out. He was on Howard’s side when he got up and against him when he lost. He was on Rudd’s side when Rudd got in and now he’s against him.
    And so all the conga line of arse lickers who write for the Australian and Daily Telegraph are at it again.

  6. Paul Eveleigh
    18 Aug 13
    8:28 am

  7. Voters have had three years of Labor government. Most voters have made up their minds who to vote for. TV ads with motherhood statements won’t alter how people vote.

  8. john hollands
    21 Aug 13
    3:17 pm

  9. Is it too late for me to get a job as a “stander-behinder”?
    I reckon I could put a boofhead expression on my face and nod sagely at odd moments.
    I could just freelance – rent myself out to stand behind whatever candidate needed it.
    And I could almost guarantee there will be nobody accusing me of having sex appeal.