Oz keeps taking the tabloids

If you’re The Australian, and you’re teasing your opposition for moving to compact – nay, tabloid – size, it’s best not to get start boasting about having a tabloid app, if you mean tablet…

australian tablet tabloid


  1. 3 Things
    6 Mar 13
    3:42 pm

  2. 1) “It’s best not to get start boasting”…?

    2) The Times (Owned by News Ltd) compacted its print version in the UK ages ago?

    3) Why brag about a paywall? A paywall is only going to see a previously free readership diminish, especially with credible brands like The Guardian entering the Australian space, which will not have a paywall.

  3. Louis
    7 Mar 13
    8:19 am

  4. Tabloid app. What an odd, anachronistic phrase.