Packer v Gyngell the front pages

Dr Mumbo loves a good front page and, having spent more than $200,000 on the Packer v Gyngell photos and video, News Corp Australia’s tabloids certainly deliver today.

TeleSydney Daily Telegraph kicks off with the headline “Packer Wacker” and dedicates no less than the first nine pages to the story of two 40+ years old CEOs in a street brawl.

12Dr Mumbo’s favourite article is this review of the boxing styles of both men which includes the immortal line: “Wrestling and snorting, the smart money was on a Cranbrook boy — the first time in recorded history that sentence has ever been written.”

Meanwhile in the other states:

The Herald Sun went with the headline: “Billionaire dollar biffo”

Herald SunThe Courier Mail did: “James Whacker”

Courier MailThe Adelaide Advertiser did the more sedate: “Clash of the Titans”

AdvertiserWhile The Tasmanian Mercury went with: “Packin’ A Punch”


Even national broadsheet The Australian had a go with: “Mate against mate in battle of the heavy weights”


And true to form the headline contest was won by the NT News who came out with this brilliant headline:

Nt NewsAvid NT News readers will know it is a reworking of this famous front page.

ClackerA contender for Walkley headline of the year perhaps?


  1. Angus Kidman
    6 May 14
    8:36 am

  2. Added points for the ‘Fist On Nine’ gag.

  3. Alberto Ross
    6 May 14
    9:39 am

  4. Why haven’t the NSW Police charged these two louts with affray etc?

  5. Entranced
    6 May 14
    1:59 pm

  6. This is the most enjoyable news event in memory. Great work gents, you have brightened my last few days immeasurably. Can you make it a weekly gig?

  7. Peggy Olson
    6 May 14
    2:08 pm

  8. “Wrestling and snorting, the smart money was on a Cranbrook boy — the first time in recorded history that sentence has ever been written.” Brilliant!!!

  9. BriznEyland
    6 May 14
    2:30 pm

  10. 3rd – Courier Mail. 2nd – Obviously the Tele. But hands down win to the NT News. Just great.

  11. David Whittingham
    6 May 14
    2:33 pm

  12. Even my Herald devoted the first three pages to these two overpaid arseholes’ antics. I’d cancel my subscription if I had one. What’s wrong with our media?

  13. Penelope
    6 May 14
    2:34 pm

  14. Jerks.

  15. WTF
    6 May 14
    2:36 pm

  16. A brilliant publicity stunt for RatPac – bravo.

  17. Truth
    6 May 14
    4:54 pm

  18. I cant wait for the new Underbelly Series – Packer the Wacker

  19. francis
    6 May 14
    10:00 pm

  20. the packer wacker set up to be made look like an arsehole leave the man alone he does an enormous amount for this country

  21. offalspokesperson
    7 May 14
    1:08 pm

  22. @francis