Pat Rafter strips one last time for Bonds

Pat Rafter is back in undies

Pat Rafter is back in undies

Bonds has launched new campaign featuring an awkward Pat Rafter stripped down to his undies.

The 60-second ad sees the former tennis champion under pressure from his agent to strip to his underwear one last time for the clothing brand.

“Nobody wants to see a 40-year old dad in their undies on TV”, says Rafter in the ad, which breaks today.

The agency behind the campaign was Banjo.

A press release from the agency reads: “Bonds and Banjo wrote a category-breaking spot that will engage the blokes of Australia through its honesty, humour and pure cheekiness. A script that finally convinced Pat to break his contract and do a last hoorah in his underwear.”


  • Client: Bonds Agency: Banjo
  • Executive Creative Director: Georgia Arnott
  • Group Creative Head: Dean Hamilton
  • Senior Art Director: Seamus Higgins
  • Agency Producer: Meredyth Judd
  • Account Director: Lucy Smith
  • Account Executive: Ashleigh Beddoes
  • Senior Planner: Peta Morton
  • Production Company: Finch
  • Director: Nick Ball
  • Executive Producer: Karen Bryson
  • Post-Production: Method Studios
  • Pacific Brands
  • Underwear Group, GM of Marketing: Tanya Deans
  • BONDS Marketing Manager: Zoe Hayes
  • BONDS Brand Manager: Michelle Edgar


  1. nick bartlett
    25 Mar 13
    6:01 am

  2. No one wants to see a 40 year old in their undies. Unless it’s Pat Rafter.

  3. Kimberly Diamonds
    25 Mar 13
    11:20 am

  4. Google “pat rafter tax bermuda”

  5. muscledude_oz
    25 Mar 13
    11:22 am

  6. “Nobody wants to see a 40-year old dad in their undies”

    Wanna bet?

  7. Tony
    25 Mar 13
    11:54 am

  8. @kimberley why on earth he not minimise his tax as much as possible? Do you not claim any deductions? Good on him!

  9. Jane
    25 Mar 13
    12:03 pm

  10. Hilarious.

    Agreed @Nick Barlett!

    If only people viewed female models posing in their underwear as just as funny and ludicrous.

  11. Breanna
    25 Mar 13
    1:18 pm

  12. Love this!

  13. Haydn Ryan
    25 Mar 13
    1:36 pm

  14. Im sick of these tax evaders, what about the australian taxpayer contributing to Australian Athletes? and then think they don’t have to give it back.

  15. John Grono
    25 Mar 13
    1:50 pm

  16. Kimberly, do you have any more interesting articles that are post January 2002? Didn’t Pat move back to Australia before his daughter was born in 2005? I sure know he was playing local AFL with North Shore around that time.