Paul Fenech’s Housos gets second series on SBS

Paul Fenech Housos

Fenech: Brain behind Housos

SBS has commissioned another series of nine episodes of Paul Fenech’s politically incorrect comedy Housos.

Production of the new series – set in a fictional housing commission block in Sunnyvale – starts in Sydney’s western suburbs on Monday.

The cast includes Encore columnist Jason ‘Jabba’ Davis, Habib Tahir, Melissa Tkautz, Amanda Keller and Angry Anderson. Narrator Ian Turpie passed away in March this year.

Since it first aired on SBS, Fenech has also shot a Housos feature film.

Tony Iffland, SBS’s director of television and online content, said: “Housos became hugely successful with its tongue-in-cheek humour. The new season will continue our commitment to commissioning and supporting Australian content and talent. We are delighted to be working with Paul again on a second series.

Fenech – best known for Fat Pizza – said: “The new season of Housos gives fans the chance to unite and get in touch with their inner-bogan. Whether you have to beg, borrow or literally steal a TV set to watch it, we have enough surprises to make it worth your while.”

The first series of the unashamedly unsophisticated show was SBS’ best performing in its timeslot. The show gained notoriety before it even aired after Nine’s A Current Affair mistook it for a documentary.


  1. Doug
    10 Sep 12
    12:26 pm

  2. you know… this show rates well, has 75000 facebook likes, has incredibly passionate fans… good on them for getting a movie and another series up.

  3. Richard Moss
    10 Sep 12
    2:04 pm

  4. The success of this offering does not surprise me in the least. Though it is everything I hate and I would never wish for an epidemic of this kind of show, it nevertheless has two things which are sadly lacking in many, if not most, commercial offerings.

    It has skilled production value (it is crafted rather than played to death) and it has heart (it knows why it exists and lives within its means and scope) and soul.

    Too often shows are allowed to drift or free range until they lose themselves, too many producers are at odds with their directors or the directors are left to make something of a bunch of loose scripts and budget restraints. Often the cast is either cut adrift from the guide ship, or left to swim about in the hope of finding a life boat.

    I congratulate the entire cast and production team of Housos

  5. Terry OFee
    10 Sep 12
    4:30 pm

  6. Its Tahir Bilgiç, and mellissa said via twitter this morning that she isn’t returning for the second season (and most probably, not the film either)