Photon appoints News Corp’s Jeremy Philips as CEO

Photon, the marketing services group, has appointed Jeremy Philips as its new CEO, replacing Matt Bailey.

His appointment is effective June 1. Philips will return to Australia after working in New York where he was most recently executive vice president, office of the chairman, at News Corporation.  

Philips worked on operational and strategic initiatives across News Corp, with a focus on digital initiatives.

Previously, he was vice chairman of Ecorp, a subsidiary of PBL. Prior to that he worked at McKinsey & Company.

Philips has also held several board positions, including chairman of Ebay Australiand a New Zealand, and as a director of Ninemsn.

Bailey’s resignation was announced in January. It followed the board’s decision to relocate the group’s CEO role to Sydney on a full time basis.

The Photon group of companies includes Naked Communications, BWM and Bellamyhayden.


  1. sven
    20 Apr 10
    5:10 pm

  2. interesting appointment. looks a bit trophy though. He is a smart guy but has never run a company, let alone a substantial listed company, let alone a diversified business, and hasnt even worked operationally in a marketing or other communications role

  3. chris
    21 Apr 10
    10:56 am

  4. Worked with him when he was at PBL around the time they took a piece of eBay – academically very smart but I don’t know how he’d do running the basket case that is Photon – every week you hear about the resignations and client reviews – the headhunters must love them. Good luck Jeremy you’re going to need it!!