Printer Guru stars in new Reflex ad

Reflex Paper CumminsRoss Melbourne agency CumminsRoss has created a campaign for Reflex Pure White 50% Recycled printer paper starring The Printer Guru.

The campaign includes a pair of ads, running at 30 and 60 seconds, which shows the Guru arriving in the office of an exasperated white-collar worker.

The pair then engage in some awkward, stilted banter which includes the term “enwhitenment.”

The Paper Guru is played by Justin Smith, who has appeared in ABC crime drama The Straits as “Puffs” and Howzat! Kerry Packer’s War as David Hill.

The 30-second version of the ad will be broadcast on TV while the 60-second version will be available online.

This is the first campaign that newly-appointed creative agency CumminsRoss has created with Australian Office, and the first TV-led campaign where Reflex promoted one of their recycled office paper products since 2005.

Sean Cummins, CEO of CumminsRoss said: “Reflex was the first copy paper advertised globally back in 1984. This was an enormous challenge for the iconic advertiser and brand. There is a complex message; however, blessed with a simple yet engaging script, amazing talent and an acclaimed director, we’ve been able to deliver a great result for the brand and the product.”


  • Client: Australian Office, Reflex
  • General Manager Marketing: Martin Rodger
  • Marketing Manager: Leanne Bilinski
  • Agency credits:
  • Creative Agency: CumminsRoss
  • CEO: Sean Cummins
  • Executive Creative Director: Jason Ross
  • Art Director: Aaron Lipson
  • Copywriter: Chris Ellis
  • Creative: Jake McLennan
  • Group Account Director: Magda Triantafyllidis
  • Account Manager: Andrew Stone
  • Senior Agency Producer: Susannah George
  • Production credits:
  • Production Company: Plaza Films
  • Director: Paul Middleditch
  • Executive Producer: Peter Masterton
  • Animator: Marieka Walsh (Plaza Films)
  • Cinematographer: Daniel Ardilley ACS
  • Art Director: Sal Boucher
  • Sound: Paul Le Couteur @ Flagstaff Studios
  • Post Production: The Editors
  • Editor: Dave Whittaker
  • Colourist: Ben Eagleton
  • Flame Artist: Adam Archer


  1. Wayne
    21 Jun 13
    5:49 pm

  2. I know you’re not allowed to say this on this site but I thought it was excellent, bordering on quite funny…

  3. Nice
    22 Jun 13
    2:49 am

  4. Really like it

  5. Shabbadu
    22 Jun 13
    8:02 am

  6. On the contrary, Wayne. You’re allowed to say that on this site, just not on the one that rhymes with Champagne Queef.

  7. The Marketing Guru
    22 Jun 13
    1:28 pm

  8. I really like it. Funny stuff.

  9. DTM
    23 Jun 13
    6:39 pm

  10. @Wayne – haha loved it too. Great ad/memorable and on traget. (Shhhh)

  11. Bear
    23 Jun 13
    8:22 pm

  12. @Wayne

    Me too.

  13. Lucio
    24 Jun 13
    7:19 am

  14. Lovely, simple work folks. Well done.

  15. Gerry
    24 Jun 13
    10:42 am

  16. Love that ad!

  17. MJ
    24 Jun 13
    11:13 am

  18. That’s a great ad. Justin sells the paper well. :)

  19. JDB
    24 Jun 13
    11:26 am

  20. Always good to see some enwhitened thinking.

  21. Don
    24 Jun 13
    1:40 pm

  22. Amazing sell Sean, incredible!

  23. Hahahaha
    24 Jun 13
    2:59 pm

  24. Awesome. Great casting.

  25. Steph
    5 Jul 13
    9:08 pm

  26. I am in stitches every time I see this ad! Just love it! The only thing that drives me nuts is I cannot for the life of me remember what other ad I have seen Justin Smith in, can anyone help! It’s driving me crazy trying to remember it!