Radio 2GB launches its own Media Watch

Media WatchDr Mumbo was bemused a few weeks ago by News Limited columnist Andrew Bolt’s demands to ABC managing director Mark Scott that he be appointed the new host of Media Watch.

At the time Bolt wrote: “Don’t assume I’m not available. Hear that ripping sound? That was my contract for my Network 10 show.”

“Mark, I want you to know I stand ready to serve when your current host, Jonathan Holmes, stands down by the end of the month, as I read.”

Anyway Bolt didn’t get the gig rather Paul Barry did… but that hasn’t stop Andrew and night host Steve Price setting up their very own Media Watch. 

The first episode went to air on Monday night just before the real Media Watch and it makes for well… interesting listening.

That said Dr Mumbo isn’t sure it reaches the heights of Jonathan Holmes last Monday ripping into Alan Jones, a variety of business journalists and then this broadside at Channel Ten.

You be the judge.


  1. James
    21 May 13
    8:47 pm

  2. It needs a laugh track to give it the credibility it deserves.

  3. Patrick
    22 May 13
    9:31 am

  4. Note to Andrew Bolt: Most journalists are intelligent so they vote for left wing parties. Most Alan Jones listeners are morons and so on…

  5. Get Real
    23 May 13
    7:55 am

  6. And next week 2GB will be launching its own version of Australian Story called Cashed Up Bogans with the first episode featuring Ray Hadley.

  7. Kate
    31 May 13
    2:49 am

  8. The really noteworthy item of their commenting on the UoQ’s study is just how un-noteworthy the study’s results were considering the sample size.

    Of the however many number of journalists in the country (I assume the Bureau of Stats would know but bugger me if I can locate the data) only 605 took part in the survey. Of those 605 only 372 quoted their political leanings. Of those 372 who provided their political leanings the number of whom were ABC journalists was 34. Supposedly the ABC is one of the big 3 media organisations and yet we’re supposed to read something meaningful from only 34 of their journalists quoting a political affiliation.

    So, of the thousands (I’m assuming) of journalists working for the ABC nationwide, only 14 of them openly declared to be Greens supporters, yet now we have “34% ABC journalists support the Greens”.

    Overall it’s more than a bit of a reach really, isn’t it?