Radio ratings: Adelaide – Boat people opponent Bob Francis sees Australia’s biggest audience jump

Bob francisAdelaide shock jock Bob Francis has delivered the biggest audience jump on any show in any time slot in national metro radio according to the latest set of ratings.

The result comes while Francis is spending a month off air after comments about hoping that boat people would drown.

DMG’s FIVEaa said at the start of this month that Francis was to take a month of “planned leave” after his comments over asylum seekers who arrive by boat. He said on his 8pm to midnight show: “I hope they bloody drown out there on their way over here. In my opinion they are not welcome here.”

Today’s radio ratings from Nielsen saw FIVEaa’s share of the 7pm to midnight time slot leap by a huge 3.4 ratings points – up from 16.9% to 20.3%.

The survey results were good for FIVEaa across the board. FIVEaa saw its Monday to Sunday share rise from 13.3% to 14.9%, strengthening its market lead. The station’s breakfast share rose from 14.4% to 15.5% and drive rose from 13.2% to 15.4%.

Jackson: “We’ve had a storming card in Brisbane, Perth and Adelaide.”

adelaide share

Adelaide share. Source: Nielsen


  1. Waaah
    19 Jun 12
    11:49 am

  2. What a total cock. Grow up! Some people’s lack of insight just amazes me.

  3. AdGrunt
    19 Jun 12
    2:56 pm

  4. Good on your mate! There should be more like you!

  5. Spindoctor
    19 Jun 12
    4:03 pm

  6. This is the same person who,a few years ago, advocated public hangings in Victoria Square, in the centre of Adelaide. Bob’s stand on immigration is at odds with his own Egyptian ancestry.

  7. Joseph
    21 Jun 12
    8:51 am

  8. certainly dont agree with his comment about hoping the illegal immigrants drown.Thats a disgrace.
    however its time the Gillard Government got the situation under control.
    Labor are just a bunch of Losers.

  9. Farrakhan
    22 Jun 12
    11:54 am

  10. Well am sure this fat slob is happy now after the deaths of people off the coast of Indonesia

  11. Colin
    22 Jun 12
    1:25 pm

  12. Bob Francis is the one who should not be welcome here. Free speech is one thing, but inciting hatred and division, quite another. Some people might say he’s just being a loud-mouth for the sake of radio ratings, but according to the man himself, he’s the same on-air as off. It’s shameful.