Rear Window’s Joe Aston – now in the SMH too

kim williams afr smh joe astonDr Mumbo is rather intrigued by the further progression of copy sharing between Fairfax Media titles The Australian Financial Review and the Sydney Morning Herald.

Today saw the same story – AFR Rear Window columnist Joe Aston’s tale of the tempestuous exit from the Sydney Opera House board of Kim Williams – appearing on the front page of both titles.

Efficiency. That’s the name of the game.



  1. Mufti
    1 Oct 13
    11:14 am

  2. And you have to take the rough with the smooth. Today’s SMH was also compelled to carry a story that backed away from its original claim in Monday’s paper that Kim Williams had stormed out and resigned to the Arts Minister. The story by senor journo Rick Fenely was carried on page 2. But interestingly, the AFR managed to truly bury Rear Window’s mistake by coming up with a nice new angle of a dispute between the SOH and another catering company, thereby sugaring the pill. And yet that story was either not shared with the SMH or, as is more likely, the SMH declined to take a day two story from the AFR after Monday’s retraction.

  3. huh>?
    6 Oct 13
    7:33 pm

  4. It is a sign of the times that Mr Aston is so heavily promoted in Fairfax.