Droga5’s David Nobay dishes out advice on Recipe to Riches

Channel Ten has unveiled a first look at cookery show Recipe To Riches, which features Droga5 creative boss David ‘Nobby’ Nobay.

The  show sees contestants cook, market and sell their home recipes in Woolworths.

 Nobay, partner and creative chairman at Droga5, will dish out advice on how contestants can market their product to the masses.

Chef Darren Robertson and Carolyn Creswell, who built a business empire on the simple idea after she launched Carman’s Muesli 20 years ago, will also lead the search for the next supermarket success.

In the new promo from Ten, Nobay says: “Cooking up a great dish is only half the story. Now we have to work out if we can take those recipes, and turn them into major brands.”

Every episode will end with a winning product that will be available to buy in Woolworths the following day.

The show has been in the pipeline for nearly a year – in part because of the need to prepare the products to go on sale.

Ten is yet to announce a launch date for the show, although it is likely to be at roughly the same time as the current series of Masterchef comes to an end.


  1. Terry
    6 Aug 13
    11:25 am

  2. That’s one way of getting the creative agency to buy into a media owner idea.

  3. Reg Grundy
    6 Aug 13
    12:36 pm

  4. Oh Nobby,why oh why do you do it?

  5. Mike
    6 Aug 13
    12:37 pm

  6. Looks like they have cast well which is what made Sevens cooking show work. Hopefully it works for TEN. They need to regain confidence from viewers and internally.

  7. Brett Ramsey
    6 Aug 13
    4:13 pm

  8. Now remind me again why people are tuning out from FTA Television?

  9. Slash
    6 Aug 13
    4:23 pm

  10. Is Woolies involved as a sponsor??

  11. JJ
    6 Aug 13
    10:39 pm

  12. congrats to Woolies if this is one big branded content piece… is it?

  13. Turbo
    7 Aug 13
    8:45 am

  14. Wow Bono’s really let himself go.

  15. LW
    7 Aug 13
    10:17 am

  16. George Michael has let himself go as well.

  17. Super
    7 Aug 13
    12:43 pm

  18. Wow, a whole show of totally branded content; featuring their ad man to boot. Well done Droga5.