Ruby Rose naked on October issue of Maxim

Newly-launched men’s magazine Maxim will tomorrow release their October issue featuring model and MTV presenter Ruby Rose naked on the cover.

The 10-page feature was conducted in conjunction with animal rights group PETA with Rose declaring she would rather go naked than wear fur.

“If you gave me the option of spending a week being naked and vulnerable in public, or I had to wear fur, I’d prefer going nude,” Rose said.

According to the release, the feature sees Rose in “nothing more than an assortment of wigs.”

Earlier this year, following the announcement of the title’s launch into Australia, Michael Downs, publisher and owner of Nuclear Media, told Mumbrella that other publishers had failed in the men’s segment because they were “out of touch” with what men want, and how it is delivered.


  1. transform
    20 Sep 11
    5:35 pm

  2. Ah, wigs. I was wondering when she grew her hair.

  3. Anonymous
    20 Sep 11
    5:38 pm

  4. Wow, what a statement! “Look at me, I’m posing naked in a men’s magazine trying to take a stand!”. The readership and content of this publication is hardly relevant to an animal rights forum.

  5. Devil's advocaat
    20 Sep 11
    5:51 pm

  6. In any case, that is a very strong cover.

  7. the grey ghost
    20 Sep 11
    5:56 pm

  8. Last time I looked wasn’t the beaver an animal? I can certainly see the relevance

  9. Paul Montgomery
    20 Sep 11
    5:59 pm

  10. Men want hot naked lesbians, apparently.

    Hmm, can’t really argue with that, I suppose.

  11. Say What!!!
    20 Sep 11
    6:19 pm

  12. Nice wig….u go & stand up for women every where Ruby what a role model you are…….as Kath said…..Look at Me, Look at Me….Kimmy Look at me!!!

  13. AdGrunt
    20 Sep 11
    7:46 pm

  14. PETA is the one of the few organisations that eclipses Greenpeace in its cretinous campaigning.

    That said, if they deliver me Ruby Rose in the buff, I’ll gladly peruse her fine form over a Sunday Roast.

  15. Ruby Who?
    20 Sep 11
    7:49 pm

  16. The wall in the background really grabbed my attention.

  17. Ann
    20 Sep 11
    7:58 pm

  18. I dont think that can sit on magazine stands, with kids about?

  19. John
    20 Sep 11
    8:19 pm

  20. Men want hot naked lesbians, apparently.

    Hmm, can’t really argue with that, I suppose.

    – Definitely not wrong.

  21. yawn
    21 Sep 11
    8:22 am

  22. lets stop the exploitation of little furry animals, and replace it with more exploitation of women instead.

    nice tits….err tatts

  23. Ron Jeremy
    21 Sep 11
    9:02 am

  24. She looks better without the lesbian haircut.

  25. Benn
    21 Sep 11
    9:04 am

  26. Average typography.

  27. Dave
    21 Sep 11
    10:11 am

  28. I do admire a woman with principals. Particularly when those principals don’t preclude her from getting her kit off for the “reading” pleasure of tradies and students. Peta really are leaping into the porn game it seems.

  29. JayZ
    21 Sep 11
    10:30 am

  30. I think that this PR stunt will have exactly the opposite effect to that intended by PETA, animal cruelty activists generally and Ms Rose: I fpredict thousands of Monkey’s being spanked across the nation.

  31. SuperKing
    21 Sep 11
    11:24 am

  32. She looks delighted to be there. What a grim cover.

  33. Hirsute Gentleman
    21 Sep 11
    12:08 pm

  34. By the look of it, she’s really not into fur at all.

  35. i haz cookie
    21 Sep 11
    12:35 pm

  36. If i had to choose, i’d choose fur. Bear skin is really cozy. Everyone should try it at least once.

  37. Tim
    21 Sep 11
    2:33 pm

  38. Let’s be honest. Ruby doing this is less about helping animals and more about keeping herself planted squarely in the spotlight, albeit with no clothes on.

  39. Alison_F
    21 Sep 11
    2:50 pm

  40. It is a tad strange that a well known lesbian has chosen to promote her cause in a men’s magazine… Wouldn’t Marie Claire or Cosmo have been more suitable? At least the message would have stood half a chance of being absorbed… On another point, I wonder if the curtains match the fur carpet…

  41. AdamS
    21 Sep 11
    3:46 pm

  42. @ Alison. I think were looking at polished floorboards.

  43. Alison_F
    21 Sep 11
    4:06 pm

  44. @AdamS…. that’s a good (and hilarious) point!!

  45. PETA = Rubbish
    21 Sep 11
    4:19 pm

  46. Tom
    21 Sep 11
    4:24 pm

  47. @Alison_F Re: The choice of Maxim vs. Marie Claire.
    Ruby loves to show herself off to the boys. Not the first time she’s done a lads mag. Won’t be the last, either.
    My money is on her becoming straight or bi relatively soon. (Not joking.)

  48. Hmmm...
    21 Sep 11
    4:29 pm

  49. Never understood why lesbians get lesbian haircuts. Surely if you’re a woman into other women, you want your women to look like women and not like men with breasts?

    RR looks twice as good with the wig. Not a big fan of the sleeve-tatt though.

  50. goodone
    21 Sep 11
    5:02 pm

  51. everyone relax for a tick. It doesn’t matter why she did it, or whether its right or wrong. The only thing that matters is the fact it’s f’in awesome.

  52. Alison_F
    21 Sep 11
    5:15 pm

  53. @Hmmm…. how a ‘woman’ looks has always been determined by what society deems acceptable and this has been crafted over centuries by men. Lesbians choosing to wear short hair is often an attempt to break these stereotypical ideals of how a woman ‘should’ look. But then, I guess you haven’t seen a woman in a while…

  54. billy c
    21 Sep 11
    11:15 pm

  55. Signing up to being a masturbatory aid for teenage boys who are unable to bypass internet filters apparently has something to do with not wearing fur! You learn something new every day.