SBS parts ways with sales house Stenmark

SBS has cut its final ties with its former sales house The Stenmark Organisation.

Stenmark had originally represented SBS advertising sales across the country before bringing them inhouse in 2009 in New South Wales and Victoria.

SBS will now take sales inhouse for Queensland, South Australia and Western Australia. Stenmark staff from those offices will move over to the broadcaster as part of the SBS Media sales team.

Director of sales Andrew Cook, said: “Stenmark’s senior management team of Damien Stenmark and Mike Fitzgerald have been instrumental in the long-term growth of SBS commercially. It has been a valuable partnership and I wish to thank Damien and his team for all their support and service.”

The state managers joining SBS Media from Stenmark with their teams are Barney Habel (SA), Michelle Magdy (WA) and Nick Beloff (QLD). The Stenmark teams will officially join SBS Media from Monday.


  1. Nick
    28 Jun 13
    2:35 pm

  2. Way to go Barney!

  3. PK
    28 Jun 13
    2:58 pm

  4. Agree with Nick! Good move Barney!

  5. MIke Fitzgerald
    28 Jun 13
    4:08 pm

  6. It’s been an amazing 24 year journey.

    From an advertising perspective, being involved in taking a non-rating, agency unpopular network out into the world of Adland was a very challenging experience.

    Up against 7, 9 & 10, and fighting for the simplest of things, like getting into an agency let alone securing a brief was very character building.

    At the start it was a long lonely and difficult path to tread.

    But what an amazing ride, SBS has established itself as a solid, credible and worthy network providing fantastic programming to an Australian wide audience.

    Bringing programs like South Park, Mythbusters, Top Gear and of course “The World Game – Football (or as Les Murray would say Foootball” (you really have to hear him say it to appreciate it) into the homes of millions of Australians.

    Well done SBS, thanks for the partenership and for playing a role in a terrific career, may you continue to grow and prosper and we leave you in very good sales hands, with all our, now ex Stenmark Staff being part of your future.

    Mike Fitzgerald
    National Sales Director –Stenmark
    aka Fitzy.