Sea Shepherd creates digital campaign that captures life ‘protecting’ the ocean

01_FWAAnti-whaling activist group Sea Shepherd has teamed up with design & technology studio Cypha to promote the activist’s latest anti-whaling campaign, ‘Operation Relentless’.

The campaign features an ‘online experience‘ called ‘Get Behind the Defenders’ and puts users on the sea as part of the Sea Shepherd crew, allowing them to experience what the crew sees and feels.

The ‘online experience’ hosts a variety of videos which are played depending on user responses to situations the Sea Shepherd crew is typically faced with.

The campaign asks the users to make a donation and show their support by uploading a photo to the ‘Wall of Defenders’ which doubles as a virtual petition.

Cypha creative partner, Alex Christian said: “Because organisations like Sea Shepherd exist, some complacency has developed over the last few years but the reality is, without the public’s support, Sea Shepherd can no longer continue to protect our oceans. So we shifted the focus from defending our oceans to defending those people who defend our oceans.”

The campaign has been designed to tap into Sea Shepherd’s strong social media presence. Users can connect with Facebook to make a donation and add their profile picture to the wall behind a Sea Shepherd captain – the bigger the donation, the bigger the profile picture will appear.

Cypha technical partner, Daniel Christos said: “People proudly donate to a cause because it says something about who they are and what they stand for. We made it easy for users to share their support with their network, while at the same time tapping into the power of the group by showing photos of others who are already behind the crew. This creates a unique and novel experience compared to traditional donation mechanics.”

The site is the first instalment of a range of digital executions that Cypha will produce for the organisation.





  1. AdGrunt
    20 Nov 13
    1:01 pm

  2. That’s quite a tough brief.

    Give money to a paramilitary organisation that justifies piracy with “save a whale” Especially an unendangered species of whale.

    That would explain the high emotion, low fact and emotional false dilemmas on the site.

    Shouldn’t the first copy read:
    “Are you going to commit piracy in a big boat or small one?”

  3. What!
    20 Nov 13
    7:38 pm

  4. @adgrunt So just because a species isn’t endangered, it’s ok to slaughter them? Some pretty warped views there buddy.

  5. Tess Faulkner
    21 Nov 13
    2:52 am

  6. If you can’t actually go out on a campaign to defend the whales you can do so virtually by supporting those who can. Sounds like a wonderful way to support an organization that puts their money where their mouths are and actually defends our whales and oceans from the terrorism of whaling and overfishing.

  7. john netzel
    21 Nov 13
    2:53 am

  8. Wow, that is amazing!!! Thank you for the in-depth experience of the great work you do Sea Shepherd!

  9. Isa
    21 Nov 13
    3:01 am

  10. So AdGrunt, you are saying we need to wait for these whales to be a endangered species to act? I think piracy is a small price to pay for the countless lives of these defenseless whales, don’t you think? The Sea Shepherd is doing great things globally and it’s thanks to idiots like you that we don’t have enough people supporting what REALLY matters in this world.

  11. Lynne Tkaczyk
    21 Nov 13
    3:01 am

  12. Just fantastic!!! I am a proud sea shepherd supporter and i will definitely do anything that helps raise money for them. Sea shepherds are the bravest people i know. I am so passionate about cetaceans and have nothing but praise to give. Keep up all your hard work and keep all the ideas coming!

  13. FJ. Steeg
    21 Nov 13
    3:04 am

  14. @AdGrunt:

    Piracy? The only bastards who are guilty of piracy are the Japanese! They shit on the rest of the world and do whatever they like. I don’t bother to understand your comment because apparently you’re also an asshole.

  15. sabi
    21 Nov 13
    3:04 am

  16. right, we have to first wait for a species to be nearly hunted into extinction before we do sth. I’m so happy to be part of the brilliant and highly sophisticated human race. It makes me sick…

  17. Andrea
    21 Nov 13
    3:04 am

  18. thanks for defending them…. someone has to do it

  19. Ryan St.Jacques
    21 Nov 13
    3:06 am

  20. Good Job to Paul Watson and to the crew and the members.
    Keep up the good work!!!!!!

  21. David Dos Santos
    21 Nov 13
    3:07 am

  22. Sea Shepherd actions are not piracy, they don’t hurt anybody, they just want to stop an illegal activity who kills many whales closest to extinction in international waters (this campaign is an exemple). Please visit their website & stop trolling about the organisation.

    Great article & nice website !

  23. Karla Korkodilos
    21 Nov 13
    3:09 am

  24. If what they’re doing is “piracy”, then sign me up! I always wanted to be a pirate anyway!

    Saving countless people’s lives like the Sea Shepherd does is a very worthy and true cause. Yes, I said people’s, not animals’ lives. Animals are people too, whose language we don’t understand yet. I truly believe this, and so do a growing number of people who are being awakened by heroes such as Paul Watson and his crew.

  25. Kathy Grim
    21 Nov 13
    3:12 am

  26. Without groups like Sea Shepherd so many people would be completely unaware of many things that are happening currently. There are various illegal activities taking place at any given time on and in the sea, and who is policing these activities? Soon the Japanese whaling ships will be in the Antarctic, in a whale sanctuary, yet there will be no one to defend the whales, but the crews of Sea Shepherd. I have always believed that pirates rob, and that is their main goal, so how can they be called pirates? There is no reason to continue whaling, and we can’t call this tradition. Tradition would have the Japanese crews on small boats with spears. I wish Sea Shepherd a very successful campaign!

  27. MsOceanic
    21 Nov 13
    3:13 am

  28. Piracy? Paramilitary organisation? How would you stop illegal whaling and deliberate offense to many marine species? Sea Shepherd does what governments aren’t able to do. God bless them!

  29. Tobias van Krieken
    21 Nov 13
    3:17 am

  30. It is really nice to have such a website, it’s a nice interactive with to get involved. The people behind the website did a very good job. It also gives a clear view of what SSCS does and why they are down there; to protect the whales from illegal whaling in a whale sanctuary. And the donation factor is very well inserted in the whole thing. Without donations there is no money to buy the fuel needed for the ships.

  31. Andrew
    21 Nov 13
    3:18 am

  32. Let’s get the facts right:

    The Japanese government sponsored hunt targets Fin, Sperm, Sei, Brydes and Minke whales. They don’t always catch all of them. Some are endangered, some aren’t.

    I assume you’re talking about Minke’s. They are relatively plentiful because other whale species were more popular (commercially valuable) before the whaling moratorium was agreed in 1986. None the less, if commercial whaling resumes at an economically viable scale (the stated goal of Japan’s program), the Minke populations would also not last long – especially if other former whaling nations joined in (a distinct possibility since Russia and South Korea have already talked about it).

    Whatever I think of their tactics, I strongly support the Sea Shepherd’s goal of ending whaling in the Southern Ocean.

    The only true pirates here are the illegal Japanese whalers. For ‘low facts’ try finding any peer reviewed scientific ‘research’ done by the whalers to justify their illegal action and the only group armed in the Antarctic battle are the Japanese whalers’ security boat the Shonan Maru. I think it might be you AdGrunt who needs to get your facts checked.

  33. Niall
    21 Nov 13
    3:19 am

  34. Interesting perspective AdGrunt. It tells me a lot about you and your values. In your life you will achieve very little outside of the norm before you fade away into insignificance. Nobody will remember you, you will leave your family little legacy to be proud of. All in all a pretty sad existence and a waste of potential.

    SS you make the more enlightened of us proud. You are true defenders of the planet and the defenceless.

  35. Heidi
    21 Nov 13
    3:20 am

  36. The Southern Ocean Whale Sanctuary is supposed to be just that, a sanctuary. The Japanese whalers are doing commercial whaling under the guise of research, selling the whale meat but never producing any studies accepted as valid by the scientific community. I’d say that the whalers are the true pirates here!

    In my opinion, it doesn’t matter if the whale being hunted is not an endangered species. These are highly intelligent creatures with strong family bonds and we shouldn’t be hunting them. There is no humane way to kill a whale; they die slow agonizing deaths. There is no valid reason for putting them through this!

  37. Ian
    21 Nov 13
    3:27 am

  38. A great web experience for a very great cause – good work

  39. Human Being
    21 Nov 13
    3:36 am

  40. The sad truth is, without people willing to go to drastic measures, our fellow humans would gladly let our planet go to hell without even thinking. Be it deforestation, overfishing, poison in your food, slavery, whatever you can think of. Nothing ever got better without a small number of people willing to fight for it and Sea Sheperd is doing exactly that.
    So: Keep going, Sea Shepherd!

    I am sure, a lot of people think of Sea Shepherd as modern-day pirates. Keep in mind, that the pirates from movies and books that we grew up with are basically heroes, people that do what is right regardless of the law.
    Comparing them to real pirates, that rape, kill and steal for their own enrichment, however, is just wrong.

  41. Mario
    21 Nov 13
    3:41 am

  42. I would commit piracy in each boat, if I can finish by the slaughter of whales.

  43. MrsDDAy
    21 Nov 13
    3:45 am

  44. I’m so thankful that there are people like those in the Sea Shepherd Organization who stand up for what is right! They risk their lives to defend life in our oceans. Clearly no government is willing to tell the Japanese that what they are doing is illegal. If they did, Sea Shepherd would not have to take the measures they do.

    It’s not about saving A WHALE…it’s about saving our oceans and all that make up the eco system in it. I hope when my son is older, he will be able to go out and enjoy whale watching and viewing other sea life in the wild.

  45. Stephanie
    21 Nov 13
    4:08 am

  46. Sea Shepherd is a great organization that has done wonders to spread the word on the atrocities that are plaguing our oceans due to greed and lack of conscience to conserve and preserve our biggest asset, the ocean. Only those who are blinded by the all mighty dollar, don’t see that the oceans are in peril and if no one step up to the plate and defends the ocean and it’s inhabitants that we will all suffer. Keep it up Sea Shepherd – we will NOT be silenced by money and greed. The truth is getting out and the public is becoming aware – that’s why the Japanese, Sea World, and others are worried. Their pockets will not be lined by the slaughter of whales, dolphins, turtles, sharks and more in the future. Guaranteed!

  47. Maddy
    21 Nov 13
    4:42 am

  48. Sea Shepherd is operating by donations worldwide and this is a good idea to give our dedicated supporter a nice feedback and be part of the global movement and crew on our ships.
    Humpbacks and Finwhales which are on the quota of the annual hunt of the japanese whaling industry are endangered and to the fact that minke whalepopulation is not exactly counted we can’t say endandered or not.
    Sea Shepherd saved more than 5,000 whales in the Southern Oceans over the last nine year by the donations of theworldwide support and brought the japanese whaling industry more and more in debt.
    Maybe this year we will save more whales with more support via this ‘virtual campaign’
    For the Oceans

  49. Anonymouse
    21 Nov 13
    5:13 am

  50. Fantastic! Go Sea Shepherd. I will be donating to your wonderful work! :)

  51. Jeff Wheeler
    21 Nov 13
    5:23 am

  52. What’s with the jolly roger logo and how much did that paint job cost?

  53. Ariel R
    21 Nov 13
    5:33 am

  54. Good work Sea Shepherd!!!!
    Keep it up and never mind the haters like the one above.
    Real pirates are the ones that merciless plunder Earth resourses.

    Earth needs more people like Paul Watson!!

  55. Sinkem
    21 Nov 13
    5:51 am

  56. Nothing is stolen, no one is hurt, hundreds of whales (including endangered fins) are spared every year from an illegal operation that claims to be research-oriented, yet publishes no data. The Japanese are mocking international law to put on this imperialist charade. Are we to respond by writing complaints? This operation is effective, non-violent, and represents the vast majority of the world who will not watch our heritage being destroyed and do nothing for fear of being politically incorrect. Explain to me how this is piracy.

  57. Anja Schaaf
    21 Nov 13
    5:54 am

  58. A great idea for a great campain !!!

    Sea Shepherd have saved so many whales – an incredible success for the oceans and this planet !!!

    Only clueless or ignorant people didn’t realize the indescribable importance of this commitment !!

  59. Bryce Douglas
    21 Nov 13
    6:14 am

  60. Well no amount of ( Ad ) grunting can justify such a week response, you obviously haven’t been paying attention , go away and grunt somewhere else ..adgrunt !

  61. kathp
    21 Nov 13
    7:01 am

  62. Go Sea Shepherd!
    You guys Rock!
    Every time I get to see a whale go past the shoreline I know it is because YOU guys have protected them.
    Mahalo! Thank you

  63. Psy
    21 Nov 13
    7:05 am

  64. @AdGrunt Haha! I think you need to hit up the bookstore and grab a new dictionary. Whichever one you’re currently referencing has you confused over what some of the words you are using actually mean.

    21 Nov 13
    7:08 am


  67. Kelly
    21 Nov 13
    7:23 am

  68. Lol ^ Do you even know what piracy is? They do nothing down in Antarctica but sacrifice their time and safety to try and stop the illegal poaching of whales for profit, and no worthwhile research. Commercial whaling is illegal. Internationally. So the least u can do is support some of the only people out there that DO something about what something they and the rest of the world knows is wrong.

  69. Gea Gea
    21 Nov 13
    8:21 am

  70. Great work Paul Watson and Peter and all the crew!!!! Thank u form the deep of my heart <3

  71. Penny
    21 Nov 13
    8:30 am

  72. To everyone at Sea Shepherd, thanks for having the courage to do what needs to be done to save our precious whales. You have my admiration and support.

  73. Killies
    21 Nov 13
    8:48 am

  74. This is fantastic! What a great way to bring in more support. Thanks to all the crews out there, everyone on the sidelines and all those who support in any way they can for the amazing work they do.

  75. Sergio Sequeira
    21 Nov 13
    8:51 am

  76. Great initiative , lets hope it reigns in the real support of those who care for conservation.
    Let’s shut down whaling worldwide!
    It’s a cruel crude and unnecessary business that legitimates murder.
    Go Sea Shepherds !!!!!

  77. Rhian Parker
    21 Nov 13
    9:21 am

  78. Thank you for being a voice for the voiceless, a light in the darkness, we need you now more than ever.

  79. Roni
    21 Nov 13
    9:28 am

  80. Piracy= the act of attacking ships in order to steal from them(cambridge definition). MMMM well now AdGrunt nows the meaning and can stop acting the fool. SEA SHEPHERD HAS NEVER STOLEN ANYTHING which means it isn’t piracy.

    Anyway I am so proud to support Sea Shepherd for all the hard work they do. They are an incredible group of people who work hard to protect out oceans, and Paul Watson wish there were more leaders out there like you.

  81. AdGrunt
    21 Nov 13
    9:54 am

  82. Dear morons:

    Piracy, as defined by the United Nations, is here:
    [Articles 101 & 103]

    Minke Whales in general are not endangered and whilst Antarctic Minke are Data Definicient, IUCN state that “Although there is no accepted estimate of current abundance, the population size is clearly in the hundreds of thousands.”

    Worth noting that the Common Minke Whale has Least Concern status. The same status humans have.

    So now my over-emotional armchair warrior friends, why does Sea Shepherd choose to use a modified “Jolly Roger” and paint it’s ships in camouflage to commit acts of piracy in the name of conserving a species that doesn’t need it?

    Is it because actually doing something meaningful for the environment doesn’t make as good a “socking it to the man” story as “chasing those nasty Japanese” and keep you morons donating your money? Kudos to Paul Watson, et al. for hoodwinking you nutters into funding his fantasies though.

  83. Jools
    21 Nov 13
    10:16 am

  84. This is a fantastic idea, I am going on my second campaign in December with Sea Shepherd and having this site where Sea Shepherd supporters can see what we do and what we are up against to save those precious whales in the Southern Ocean and be given the opportunity to donate to the cause is wonderful!

  85. john duckworth
    21 Nov 13
    10:42 am

  86. its going to take some time and a lot of death before the world opens their eyes to what is going on…because you can’t walk on water nobody seems to care about what goes on under the water…there is another world there bigger than the one we live on and its time to wake up and protect it people!

  87. Jeff Jameson
    21 Nov 13
    11:01 am

  88. Sea Shepherd is the only solution for the whales at the moment. They have saved thousands! A truly great organization.

  89. AdGrunt
    21 Nov 13
    11:11 am

  90. Piracy, as defined by the United Nations, is here:…../part7.htm
    [Articles 101 & 103]

    Minke Whales in general are not endangered and whilst Antarctic Minke are Data Definicient, IUCN state that “Although there is no accepted estimate of current abundance, the population size is clearly in the hundreds of thousands.”

    Worth noting that the Common Minke Whale has Least Concern status. The same status humans have.

    So now my over-emotional armchair warrior friends, why does Sea Shepherd choose to use a modified “Jolly Roger” and paint it’s ships in camouflage to commit acts of piracy in the name of conserving a species that doesn’t need it?

    Is it because actually doing something meaningful for the environment doesn’t make as good a “socking it to the man” story as “chasing those nasty Japanese” and keep you lot from donating your money? Kudos to Paul Watson, et al. for hoodwinking you nutters into funding his fantasies though.

    Meanwhile, thousands of creatures that are actually in danger of extinction are overlooked.

  91. Anonymous
    21 Nov 13
    11:26 am

  92. What a WONDERFUL idea! I will be donating and placing Captain Watson’s picture on the wall of each vessel. Even if he is unable to attend this season, he is forever watching over not only the crews, but his beloved whales as well.
    THANK YOU Paul Watson for so many years of dedicated service to our planet.
    You are a true HERO to us all.

  93. Pearl
    21 Nov 13
    11:38 am

  94. The definition of piracy is pretty simple: robbery at sea

    By definition, whalers and fishing operations are the ones guilty of piracy, robbing the ocean of life and diversity. The Sea Shepherds are doing what no government has the balls to do, because it is the RIGHT thing to do. I’m behind the SS 100%.

  95. Barbara Penley
    21 Nov 13
    11:53 am

  96. I have been a supporter of Sea Shepherd for over 20 years. They just don’t talk, they take action and save whales and protect our oceans. Captain Watson and his crew are true heroes and warriors. Please support them. Future generations depend on us.

  97. Andi
    21 Nov 13
    12:50 pm

  98. Thank you Sea Shepard for the amazing work you do.

  99. Jess
    21 Nov 13
    12:54 pm

  100. Lol @adgrunt – are you being sarcastic or did you just become the biggest hypocrite on accident? You are the one using high emotion and low fact by throwing out terms like “piracy” and “paramilitary”. Sea Shepherd ships fly under the Dutch flag and if this wasn’t grounds enough to prove they are not pirates try finding me any instance where they have ever been convicted of piracy. Paramilitary? None of the ships carry weapons and the last time I checked the Japanese whaling fleet consists of harpoon ships, a factory ship and a security vessel packed with Japanese Coast Guard – oh yea and the Japanese fleet loves throwing flash bang grenades and heavy metal objects at Sea Shepherd often injuring their crew – which is not something Sea Shepherd has ever done. Sea Shepherd is justified in their practices through a lot of legalities like the ban on commercial whaling, CITES, Australian domestic law which exercises its power under the Antarctic Treaty System, the World Charter for Nature, and other treaties that deal with ship maneuvering and refueling that far south. You may not agree with what they do and that’s your right but stop spreading misinformation with your false diction and opinion.

  101. michael alvarez-toye
    21 Nov 13
    1:01 pm

  102. Adgrunt, before trying to speak on the law, try to learn of them first. And as for stating that Sea Shepherd is a paramilitary organisation, try your hand at researching the definition of that too.
    You seem fixated on attacking an organisation that works tirelessly representing laws not enforced, on behalf of individualsthreatened by an animal species that knows no boundaries when it comes to brutally murdering billions for no good reason.
    Your attitude typifies that species of animal known as humankind-best that you not bother trolling around here. Your stupidity reeks..

  103. Diane Nelson
    21 Nov 13
    1:43 pm

  104. Go Sea Shepherd Go!!! I love everything you do and will continue to support you!!! Please continue to protect the whales.

  105. Kellie
    21 Nov 13
    1:55 pm

  106. Fantastic idea :)

  107. Heather
    21 Nov 13
    2:07 pm

  108. Great idea! You always have my support, you all totally rock. Keep defending those without harpoons. Keep enforcing laws that are already in place. Thank you!

  109. Jools (Crew member, 2 Antarctic Campaigns)
    21 Nov 13
    2:40 pm

  110. AdGrunt, firstly educate yourself in regards to Sea Shepherd before making your ridiculous comments and stop trolling on Sea Shepherd!!!!!! Go join the whaling fleet, it seems that is where you should be if you are not already!!!

  111. Cary Lang
    21 Nov 13
    6:32 pm

  112. I salute you Sea Shepherd!

  113. Damion
    21 Nov 13
    6:48 pm

  114. You do a very worthy thing and need all the support people can give

  115. Patty Mark
    21 Nov 13
    7:41 pm

  116. Sea Shepherds are the bravest of the brave who put the lives of others before their own. This is a great idea and any support SS gets is well deserved and put to good use.

  117. Dean Friedman
    21 Nov 13
    8:39 pm

  118. Thank you Cypha for supporting Sea Shepherd. Thank you Sea Shepherd for everything you do. I will definitely be defending.

  119. Dean Friedman
    21 Nov 13
    8:57 pm

  120. I want to donate a lot more than $5. How do we increase the amount on the Cypha site before checkout?

  121. Stephanie Nellor
    21 Nov 13
    9:11 pm

  122. Dear AdGrunt, You stated that Common Minke Whales don’t need defending from barbaric murder because “they have the same status (Least Concern) as humans have. ” So, wait, then I guess it follows that you also must believe it’s ok to barbaricly murder humans (since humans are not an endangered species). You can’t have it both ways, sir.

    Now, most importantly, THANK YOU SEA SHEPHERD, Paul Watson & your intrepid crew for protecting & preserving the great creatures of our planet, for the benefit of all. I urge all who are able to support their work in whatever way you can.

  123. Viktor
    21 Nov 13
    9:15 pm

  124. Choose a cause, any cause and DO!!! I have chosen Sea Shepherd!

    For the Oceans!!!

    Ps. AdGrunt, remember the more you criticise others, the more critical you are of yourself…

  125. MonkeyTraveler
    22 Nov 13
    1:43 am

  126. it is not polite to fire back at ignorance with insults, instead, fire back with education it is easier to open eyes with polite education
    have a nice day

  127. anna
    22 Nov 13
    1:47 am

  128. Heroic and brave soldiers. Walking a tough road for an amazing cause. Humbled.

  129. Stacia Lynn Peter
    22 Nov 13
    6:02 am

  130. Wonderful news for those of us who care about the ocean, biodiversity, and the future of humanity on this planet! As one of the most credible sources of journalism reported this month, “The Devolution of the Seas,”… if people do not stand up to our governments and their protection of corporations who are eradicating the very ecology we need to survive, all within a blink of geological time, we will be facing a very ugly world and before long, our own demise. This campaign gives people something we are in desperate need of…a sense of empowerment. And that feeling alone can motivate us all to do more than we thought we ever could when we felt hopeless.

  131. Rach
    22 Nov 13
    2:36 pm

  132. These guys and girls are my heroes. I think they are all amazing. We give to them whenever we can and now I have signed up to give the SSCS money each month. All this unnecessary and reckless violence and death to our beautiful ocean creatures, someone needs to put a stop it. If the government isn’t going to stop these vile, greedy psycho killers, the Sea Shepherds eventually will. Extinction is forever. Let’s not keep making the same mistakes we have in the past by letting it happen.
    For the oceans.

  133. Belinda
    22 Nov 13
    2:36 pm

  134. @AdGrunt: Pirates are those who sail on vessels flying a flag which is not identifiable by International Maritime Law: i.e the stereotypical Jolly Roger. Sea Shepherd sail under the Dutch flag while in Antarctica. By virtue of this fact, they are legally allowed in International Waters in their registered vessels. The Jolly Roger is one of their many logos, and probably their most recognisable. Make an effort into finding out about all the elements of which the logo is comprised.

    I really don’t understand your grandstanding over this issue. Sea Shepherd receives zero government dollars, S.S supporters receive no tax breaks for their donations, and the only thing that SS do is roam the ocean relentlessly in pursuit of conservation and bringing attention to the breaking of laws which result in widespread cruelty and greedy poaching of resources by corrupt governments linked to organised crime. UNHCR, Amnesty International, Red Cross etc all roam the world doing exactly the same things for the human species. Does that bother you as much as S.S?

  135. Jools
    22 Nov 13
    4:07 pm

  136. Thank you so very much Rach for your support of Sea Shepherd Australia:)

  137. @simonereyes
    22 Nov 13
    7:39 pm

  138. I am on the ground now in TAIJI with the COVE GUARDIANS in OPERATION INFINITE PATIENCE and am seeing first hand how Sea Shepherd is fighting to save dolphins , whales and our oceans If the oceans die? We die. Plain and simple. If you care about the planet and the lives of future generations you should be thanking the heaves for sea shepherd and donating generously with your time or funds.

  139. Jeanine Stright
    26 Nov 13
    5:53 pm

  140. Go Sea Shepherd Conservation Society. You are the best!

  141. Judith OneCrow
    27 Nov 13
    12:50 pm

  142. What a wonderful idea! Sea Shepherd has gone above and beyond to protect the oceans, and should be recognized for the hard work, dedication, and ‘results,’ that speak for themselves.

  143. Charles Cyna
    2 Dec 13
    8:21 am

  144. Sea Sheppard exists because Governments fail to enforce the laws that are in place to protect whales. They restore faith in our collective human spirit by protecting these magnificent and intelligent animals.

  145. nell schofield
    2 Dec 13
    10:56 am

  146. AdGrunt you are such a drty troll

  147. offal spokesperson
    9 Dec 13
    2:15 pm

  148. Can anyone explain to me why we are horrified by the killing of (not endangered) whales and quietly sit in our restaurants slurping down sashimi and countless other bits of animal carcass?

    Who had tuna for lunch today?…


    One big fish (mammal)…. thousands of little fish. They are all lives and we dont have the right to kill and eat any of them.

    PS. Hope the turkey or pork doesn’t become a target for protection by sea shepherd anytime soon, that would certainly screw with your xmas lunch

  149. Rach
    9 Dec 13
    3:59 pm

  150. Anyone who uses the old “what about the meat industry” as an argument, clearly doesn’t understand the difference between farming animals that are bred for food and stealing and slaughtering wild animals. There is a massive difference. And FYI-I don’t eat any of the things you listed anyway. Your whole post is redundant and stupid.

  151. michael klein ewin
    10 Dec 13
    3:31 pm

  152. What i find interesting is that 77 people have taken the time to make a comment on this subject.

  153. offal spokesperson
    11 Dec 13
    5:01 pm

  154. To be fair @rach, there is only a difference in peoples minds.

    Farm animal is killed for human pleasure
    Wild animal is killed for human pleasure

    only the spelling differs, the innocent creature is still dead at human hands simply for our pleasure.

    If we accept that humans have the right to kill anything we can (which i dont), why is it different to kill a, pig – cow – whale – fish – kitten?

  155. TerryG
    12 Dec 13
    2:32 pm

  156. The only thing I disagree with is the enlargement of photos for higher donations. It makes people that can only donate a small amount feel like they’re not playing as a big a part in this cause.
    $2000 to a person earning $150,000 is a lot less than $300 to a person earning 50k.

    It could also have the potential to discourage those that would love to donate but have nowhere near enough money to contribute as others that have already contributed. All donations large and small are great, but emphasising larger ones doesn’t seem just.