See a viral video – before it goes viral

Those who were at Mumbrella360 will have enjoyed watching Guy Gadney do his viral video thang.

The advice being to mash some memes. (And also to expect to only go viral if you get lucky.)

The result? What happens when you mash the emotional appeal of the dancing baby with the ending of the movie Duel. In Lego. (Warning: spoilers ahead.)

Now let’s see if Guy gets lucky.


  1. Wolfie Rankin
    8 Jun 12
    4:16 pm

  2. The Noxious Memes, I call them.

    Mario bros, Lego, Star Wars, Ninjas, ZOMBIES, Bacon, Batman, Star Wars

    Honourable mentions – 3D Street art, Banksy, Shooting stuff in Slo-mo.

    Not pets, pets aren’t memes, too good for that.

  3. Circling sharks
    8 Jun 12
    5:02 pm

  4. See the viral video before it goes viral, thereby aiding it’s likelihood of going viral.

    I see what you did there.

  5. Eacsoft-Web design brisbane
    8 Jun 12
    5:07 pm

  6. I seen this on twitter the 140 characters was brilliant:

    A rare opportunity to watch a viral video before it goes viral


    Video itself didn’t do much for me but who cares!

  7. james
    8 Jun 12
    5:19 pm

  8. I’m absolutely thrilled to have made the credits of this amazingly produced film. It deserves an award of some kind…. a really really good award. You all must see and share this.

  9. Logic
    8 Jun 12
    11:17 pm

  10. What am I missing here?

  11. Craig
    9 Jun 12
    9:11 am

  12. Hideously bad and meaningless. Sorry, this has too high production values with no clear theme, it has no story, it is not a spoof, it doesn’t include any particularly clever or smart concept.

    What is the opposite of viral?

  13. Deanbean
    9 Jun 12
    10:07 am

  14. If that goes viral – ill eat my hat

  15. crap
    9 Jun 12
    12:32 pm

  16. Ahh what?

  17. sean better
    12 Jun 12
    2:31 pm

  18. When the government goes viral with the pathetic Quiet Signs of Love campaign, you know the show is over, the teachers have turned on the lights and the kids are sweeping up

  19. Anon
    12 Jun 12
    10:23 pm

  20. The video is private… but didn’t an advertiser do this last year by combining babies and animals and stuff? Can someone help me find that ad?