Seven claims highest share for non-Olympic broadcaster since OzTam ratings began

7 News: Seven's most watched show of the night

Seven has secured the highest audience share of a non-Olympics broadcaster during the Games since OzTam ratings began.

The network, which broadcast the Olympics for many years before Nine won the rights for the 2012 London Games, claimed 28.5% audience share.

Nine claimed 37.4% share.

Ten took 17.5% and ABC, 11.9%.

Seven’s highest performing shows were Seven News, which rated with 1.2m, and Today Tonight, which pulled in 1.019m.

Home & Away and Criminal Minds also featured in the top ten for Seven, pulling in 874,000 and 832,000, respectedly.

Ten’s MasterChef All Stars rated with 772,000, and ran Nine’s Olympics coverage close in the 16-39 demographic.

Nine’s Olympic coverage, for Day 6 of the games, pulled in 1.461m in the evening slot and 1.43m in the early evening slot.

Its coverage was down slightly on the comparatively timed broadcast of the Athens Olympics in 2004, which rated with an average of 1.505m.

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  1. Grim Tam
    3 Aug 12
    1:33 pm

  2. I am not surprised with people getting so annoyed with Nines coverage.

    Can Oztam Ratings predict lottery results?

  3. Janine
    3 Aug 12
    1:57 pm

  4. Do Nine’s figures include Gem?

  5. Viewer
    3 Aug 12
    2:13 pm

  6. I am not sure if nine broadcast the Aussie boxers last night (they did on foxtel), it was one of the worst sporting decisions i have ever seen. I read this morning that the judges also made some ridiculous decisions on other nations as well.

    Even my 8 year old could tell who had won.

    It was also an oportunity to give ameuter competitors some proifile and highlight some other traditional olympic sports after a week of swimming. The IOC seem to have their heads in the sand.

  7. Ann
    3 Aug 12
    3:11 pm

  8. With the Aussies not doing as well this Olympics I am not surprised

  9. Dean
    3 Aug 12
    4:05 pm

  10. Channel 9 has tailored their coverage to appeal to bogans, but unfortunately bogans don’t like it when Aussies don’t win at everything.

    Meanwhile I have been very happy flicking between Foxtel’s eight HD channels with minimal ads and no Stefanovic. I don’t think I’ve tuned to Nine at all since the opening ceremony.

  11. big ears
    3 Aug 12
    4:12 pm

  12. grabbing at straws?

  13. RatsRepus
    3 Aug 12
    4:52 pm

  14. Fall out post Olympics will be very interesting. Heads will roll, blood will seep under the door and old copies of “Still The One” Cd’s will be used as drink coasters all over the None NotWork…

  15. helen
    3 Aug 12
    9:28 pm

  16. RatsRepus-that was really funny!! made me LOL!!What a big bore the Olympics has been. Nine really lost me when they broadcast it over Gem as well. why in heavens name are they doing that? People are bored with the telecast.When will they realise Karl K is not what he is cracked up to be?

  17. Anon
    4 Aug 12
    11:48 pm

  18. At what point can we say we’ve seen the ads for the main sponsors enough?!?

    I don’t want to eat McDonalds, fly Qantas, switch to Telstra or bank with Commbank after these Olympics. Not because I think they have bad products, but because the constant barrage of ads has given me the absolute shits!

  19. Bob
    7 Aug 12
    11:26 pm

  20. Kerry Packer would be rolling in his grave! This once mighty network has shown just how far it has fallen. Never before has there been such an uncharismatic lineup of presenters, forced to commentate because they are contracted. Stefanovic is an unlikable fool, Eddie sounds bored, Mark Nicholas has the prescence of a house brick! It is so bad it should be categorised as comedy. I would rather see Bert commentate. Channel 31 would do a far better job! LOL