Seven to launch afternoon show The Daily Edition

Seven is to launch a new afternoon news and entertainment show called The Daily Edition hosted by Today Tonight’s Sally Obermeder.

According to today’s announcement, “The Daily Edition will address the hot issues of the day with lively discussion, interviews and crosses to newsmakers around the country. Mother to Annabelle, Sally is the author of the best-selling ‘Never Stop Believing’ based on her recovery from breast cancer.”

No timeslot or air date has yet been revealed for the show. Morning Show executive producer Sarah Stinson is reportedly masterminding The Daily Edition, The Sunday Telegraph reports.

Seven’s Martin-place based Sydney teams now produce more than half of the network’s local output, starting with highlights show Sunrise Extra at 5am, followed by Seven Early News, Sunrise, The Morning Show and the 11.30 news bulletin until noon. The 4.30pm news bulletin and Today Tonight are is also broadcast from Martin Place, along with the NSW edition of the 6pm news bulletin.

Obermeder said in the announcement: “Afternoon television needs a show like this. “I’m so excited to be working on a format which will inform, entertain and tell the stories of the day in an easy, accessible style. The team behind the scenes is one of the best at this style of fast-paced, live programming.

“The mix of News and Entertainment stories will make for great television.”

At the beginning of the year year, Nine launched afternoon show News Now, targeting a female audience.



  1. Travis Murton
    2 Jun 13
    7:52 pm

  2. TT is Melbourne based now.

  3. DF
    3 Jun 13
    9:00 am

  4. Judging by the proliferation of these sorts of programs they must be bloody cheap to make. That said, who’s at home during the day to actually watch any of it?

  5. Terry
    3 Jun 13
    10:14 am

  6. @DF That would be the 7million people who aren’t at school or who have jobs.

  7. mumbrella
    3 Jun 13
    12:09 pm

  8. Good point, Travis – amended.


    Tim – Mumbrella

  9. DB
    18 Jun 13
    11:52 am

  10. Any doubt about who they are targeting will be removed by the nature of ads that run. I wonder what sort of things they’ll be selling, he asked rhetorically.

  11. Gayle Johnson
    20 Jun 13
    5:07 pm

  12. I am enjoying this show, just what the afternoon program needed. Will be interesting to see where you go from here. Very entertaining and informative.

  13. Jennie Harley
    24 Jun 13
    4:11 pm

  14. Dear Daily Edition Relating to your segment on the Man Drought. I have an amazing son who turns 34 next month. He has never Ben lucky in love and I would give anything to see him happy. He has the most amazing talents and is a very caring sensitive person who would hopefully someday make some lucky girl an amazing husband. He is finding the dating expectations of females these days so hard. He is doing an amazing job of renovating his own house. He worked as an Architect for 10 years in Sydney, Newcastle and England. On his return he decided he wanted to try something new and is back in his home town working very hard at an extremely versatile and varied job. He writes iPhone and android apps and still uses his Arcicad as well as tutoring others. Other than his Uni Degree he is self taught in most of his abilities. I have no idea how I was lucky enough to end up with such a wonderful talented son. He has many friends, loved by everyone and wonderful with kids often used by family members to entertain their children and friends at parties. He’s just terribly unlucky in love. He also plays the guitar. I would be so happy to see him find a wonderful young lady to make him happy. He is also nearly 6’4″. Caring mum

  15. Jennie Harley
    24 Jun 13
    4:17 pm

  16. I must add this show is a refreshing change to the afternoon. They are coving numerous varied subjects. Some of the information is very enlightening. Please keep it up. Kris’s wonderful accent also adds to the shows appeal