Sixth sense in fashion; no sense of an impending social media disaster

Dr Mumbo always likes to see a social media brand farce unfold. So enjoy this one brought to you from Gasp Jeans (click to enlarge):


And the reply…


It has, of course, gorn viral.

(Hat-tip: @Yozza)


  1. Craig
    29 Sep 11
    10:53 pm

  2. How is it that retailers believe they can abuse their potential customers and get away with it.

    Telcos do it, the media does it, now retail is doing it.

    I cannot see it ending well for any of those industries.

    Customers have long memories and good bull dust sensors.

  3. Debbie Downer
    30 Sep 11
    7:58 am

  4. According to a few people on G+, even UK media have picked up on the story. I can’t believe the level of effort it takes to be that obnoxious – I mean, they didn’t just fob off the complaint, they turned it into a special project.

  5. kirill
    30 Sep 11
    10:12 am

  6. As an elite retailer, whom caters for celebrities, whom like wearing special dresses, we must say “whom” a lot. Whom, if you did not know, is a word whom refers to whom. Whom!

  7. Kieran
    30 Sep 11
    11:47 am

  8. Check out the twitter spike in traffic because of that

  9. Notmyrealname
    30 Sep 11
    12:00 pm

  10. Good for them. How refreshing to see a brand with such a clear idea of itself be prepared to stick to its point of difference. If only such honesty was more common the High St would be a lot less bland.

  11. Doug
    30 Sep 11
    12:01 pm

  12. Bullshit Alert! Bullshit Alert!

  13. TC
    30 Sep 11
    12:13 pm

  14. The store manager appeared on Today Tonight and Sunrise is nothing but an obnoxious twat. He still stands by his decision, backs up his horrid staff member, and ‘thanked’ the customer for the “excellent PR” she has given their company.

    Has he not been listening to the reports through the media and the outrage that’s been expressed on Twitter??

    I believe the hashtag was #GASPfail, not #CUSTOMERfail.

  15. dch
    30 Sep 11
    12:49 pm

  16. What are the odds this guy had more linkedIn connections a few days ago.

  17. curiouscat
    30 Sep 11
    1:39 pm

  18. As someone who spends serious money in Chapel Street and have bought from GASP before …. they’re SO off the consideration list. I really don’t want to be associated with arseholes and I certainly don’t want to give them my money. Yes they will get a lot of PR – but really, would you buy from them now? Choice and a decent bank account is a wonderful thing!

  19. Bob
    30 Sep 11
    2:30 pm

  20. is it just me or does the fact that this lead Today Tonight, ACA and 7pm project indicate that it’s actually a very well orchestrated PR stunt, possibly pulled off by Ruslan Kogan’s PR guru?

  21. Bob
    30 Sep 11
    2:47 pm

  22. led

  23. Tony Bee
    30 Sep 11
    4:27 pm

  24. A huge risk, if that’s the case Bob, and likely doomed to fail! Also, I hate it when people spell “led” as “lead”. They are two different words.

  25. audrey
    30 Sep 11
    6:19 pm

  26. if this is a stunt, then gasp have hands down the ballsiest marketing department in the country.

    don’t actually think this will affect them either way. the people who buy their hideous clothes will agree with what the area manager said, everyone else will continue to give gasp a very, very wide berth.

  27. Vuki - Click PR
    30 Sep 11
    8:23 pm

  28. @Bob While I do believe this is almost certainly a stunt, I had nothing to do with it.

  29. overthinker?
    30 Sep 11
    10:53 pm

  30. Why is the original email sent to Matt, but addressed to Chad. Then the response is sent from Online Enquiries but was written by a Matthew as reported.

    Also If it were a real reply the subject line should include ‘Re:’… maybe?

  31. Grant
    5 Oct 11
    1:17 pm

  32. I think the biggest “authenticity” red flag is that someone was looking for bridesmaid dresses there. Pretty sure that’s not on the normal bridesmaid shopping itinerary?

  33. Keep going
    5 Oct 11
    9:34 pm

  34. I am going to take a different view on this one.

    Australian retail is largely a bland carbon copy of itself all over the country. Big Westfield shopping centres filled with all the same stores 5-8km from each other filled with the same stores, same products, same inept and disenfranchised staff.

    If nothing else Gasp have passionate staff who know what they offer and are single minded in their approach to the market. I’m certain this isn’t a bad thing.

  35. Peter Rush
    6 Oct 11
    1:49 pm

  36. People get on these blogs and with spit and fingers flying gleefully trash each others product. The offended trash-ees then angrily defend said product. Sound familiar? Assuming he’s for real, this guy’s my fuckin’ hero of the week.