Soup, glorious soup

woolworths soupTis the season to give soup, Dr Mumbo notes.

This week saw the good folk of Woolworths giving away their own brand offering at Sydney’s second favourite experiential venue, Wynyard.

Unusually for Wynyard, Dr Mumbo’s spy reports that there was actually a demand from the crowd to take the product.

Dr Mumbo, however, always likes a technical solution.

So he was drawn to Sydney’s Marketing Place, sorry, Martin Place for the automated JC Decaux Heinz Big Red dispenser. He dialled the number in question and sure enough, two seconds later, out popped the soup.

heinz big red



  1. Dan
    27 Jun 12
    4:03 pm

  2. If I dial that number from Adelaide, will the soup pop out? I can see endless hours of fun coming up!

  3. jean cave
    27 Jun 12
    5:30 pm

  4. Do you need planning permission for that?