Sun-Herald reverses 2010 redesign and says goodbye to yellow

sun herald relaunch coverFairfax Media has unveiled a major relaunch of its Sydney Sunday tabloid the Sun-Herald, broadly reversing the changes instituted in the newspaper’s 2010 redesign.

The previous redesign – led by former editor Simon Dulhunty – had seen the introduction of a dominant yellow colour palette. The title, which saw circulation fall by 8.17% in its last set of audit numbers – has now gone back to more traditional newspaper colours. The separate S and Extra sections have also been ditched.

At the time of the 2010 relaunch, Dulhunty, now Fairfax Media’s GM of mobile development, said that yellow was the emotional colour of Sunday which the newspaper hoped to own:

Dulhunty was stood down as editor about six months after the relaunch, being replaced by Rick Feneley who led today’s revamp.

Fairfax Media has also quietly ended its controversial policy of a merged TV guide inserted either with the Sun-Herald or Monday’s Sydney Morning Herald. When the move took place last April, it created annoyance among newsagents and readers.

Today’s relaunch includes a new entertainment guide, Unwind, which includes TV listings. The Guide will now be inserted in all copies of the Monday edition of the SMH.

The new look also includes a radical new image-led cover.


  1. Ed
    26 Mar 12
    9:49 am

  2. Yep, and now if you want to keep the TV guide, you have to keep half the paper. Looks like I’ll be switching to the Tele.

  3. Tony Sarno
    26 Mar 12
    11:37 am

  4. What, they’re ditching the yellow pallets on which the forklifts move the Sun-HJerald papers? Interesting move, let’s see how it impacts on circ.

  5. Kylie
    26 Mar 12
    12:05 pm

  6. They’ve ruined Sunday Life! No flow, looks cheap and like a B grade newspaper section.

  7. mumbrella
    26 Mar 12
    12:31 pm

  8. A good point, Tony…


    Tim – Mumbrella

  9. That's nuthin
    26 Mar 12
    12:53 pm

  10. I noticed a quarter page had been allocated to a full portrait of the new editor of Sunday Life. Wow.

  11. Surprised
    26 Mar 12
    12:59 pm

  12. Really enjoyed the T Abbott piece.

  13. Shane
    26 Mar 12
    2:11 pm

  14. I don’t say this as a criticism, but yesterday it looked a lot denser read. It was probably too much to read on a Sunday morning. And maybe too many columnists saying the same stuff that every other columnist says.

  15. Cri
    26 Mar 12
    2:34 pm

  16. It’s all ok except for the extremely large picture of Tony Abbott, my eyes!

  17. martin kelly
    26 Mar 12
    3:46 pm

  18. They reckon it’s an all new sport section but they still couldn’t find the time or space to cover the Sharks v Titans NRL match played on Saturday night in the edition I received – lower north shore. That’s bone-headed but not unusual for Fairfax, which seems to have absurdly early deadlines for its weekend product.

  19. Lorraine
    26 Mar 12
    4:27 pm

  20. Does anyone publish full photos of editors anymore? Perhaps they should worry more about the ad revenue and content than getting editor photos taken. What an ego trip. No wonder their print assets are going down gurgler.

  21. Norton
    26 Mar 12
    4:40 pm

  22. RIP

  23. Eddie
    26 Mar 12
    5:47 pm

  24. Still got the usual dribble about spotting C Grade Celebrities

  25. Nate
    26 Mar 12
    6:10 pm

  26. Disappointed in Sunday Life, so much hype.
    Paper ok. Tony Abbott the most interesting element. Didn’t Neil Breen say he’d make it AB all those years ago?

  27. Lorry
    27 Mar 12
    7:04 am

  28. The Sunday Life editor ran a 1/2 page image of herself, not a quarter.