Sydney University targets MBA students with ‘Me, first’ campaign

A new campaign for Sydney University aims to connect with students considering an MBA.

It marks the first major marketing push since the University renamed the Faculty of Economics and Business to the University of Sydney Business School in January 2010.

Created by ad agency Gho, the work entitled ‘Me, First’ involves a series of outdoor, print and online ads.

The campaign also involves an experiential component, with street chalking and a photo booth featured on the Sydney University campus.

University of Sydney Business School, marketing head Michelle McDonald said: “An MBA is a serious undertaking that requires much consideration, and for us specifically we needed to convey the mould-breaking design of our program. Right from the start, Gho understood the challenges of presenting such a different MBA from a university with a more traditional reputation.”


  1. Fex
    14 Aug 12
    2:31 pm

  2. Good insight – most MBAs do have a ‘me first’ attitude.

  3. Shamma
    14 Aug 12
    3:02 pm

  4. ‘me, me, me … all about me’ was unfortunately voted down.

  5. CJ
    14 Aug 12
    4:28 pm

  6. Less about the copywriting and more on the imagery used – doesn’t it seem like everyone is copying RMIT, who were the pioneers in using black and white “serious/ determined looking” hero shots in their advertising? Then followed Swinburne, who have even swiped the same colours – red and black in their logo, and now the University of Sydney are featuring these same hero shots. Come on Gho, something a little different perhaps??