TAC turns to Pinterest to push ‘Slowing down won’t kill you’ message to male drivers

Victoria’s Transport Accident Commission is the latest Australian advertiser to make its mark on popular new social network Pinterest.

The TAC is using the platform to support its latest anti-speeding campaign, ‘Slowing down won’t kill you’.

Research from the TAC shows that women can be a positive influence on how men drive, so the statutory body is using Pinterest to target the mothers, daughters, sisters and girlfriends of speeding drivers, who are most commonly men aged 21-26.

The TAC’s Pinterest boards, which were developed by ad agency Grey Melbourne, will provide sentimental pictures, showing different ways to pay tribute to loved ones who die in car crashes. The boards include ideas to consider when planning funeral tributes, such as images of flower arrangements, coffins, hearses and inspiration for eulogies.

The final board carries the message, “I’d hate to plan your funeral. Slowing down won’t kill you.” Users will be urged to help spread the road safety message, by repinning images using the #slowdown hashtag.

The Pinterest push will run in tandem with the TAC’s powerful Pictures of you campaign, which highlights the impact of lost loved ones for car drivers.

Janet Dore, TAC’s CEO, said: “Females make up over 80% of Pinterest users and the TAC wants to spread the road safety message to this influential group online.”

The TAC recently celebrated its 25th birthday, and 23 years of working with creative agency Grey Melbourne.


  1. yeesh
    19 Oct 12
    5:18 pm

  2. more people die from car accidence than airline crashes.

    how does advertising work now if it has not already?

  3. What's that about?
    22 Oct 12
    10:43 am

  4. I love this, think it’s very clever – and not an infographic in sight – but why don’t any of the pins link back to the TAC website? What’s that about?

  5. Encyclic!
    22 Oct 12
    11:47 am

  6. We wanted to target men, so we created an ad to target women to target men, and used a platform which has an overwhelming majority of women users to really drive our point home.