Ten begins to air infomercials on Breakfast

breakfast infomercial

Breakfast: Now with added infomercial

Ten has moved to protect its infomercial revenue from The Circle – which ended on Friday – by making the unusual move of running advertorials during Breakfast.

In a move that signals the network’s current hard-nosed drive to maximise revenue and control costs in a tough TV ad market, a spokesman told Mumbrella: “Yes, we are running advertorials in Breakfast. All of the advertorial advertisers that were booked into The Circle have been happy to move to Breakfast and Ten has retained all their business.”

The Circle – which ran in mid morning – was axed by Ten last week because its costs exceeded its revenues. At the same time the network also shortened Breakfast so it now finishes at 8.30am.


  1. NJK
    6 Aug 12
    2:11 pm

  2. Gee this will really bring the viewers flocking. WTF

  3. Macsmutterings
    6 Aug 12
    2:31 pm

  4. Well that is just one more reason why not to watch

  5. BrettD
    6 Aug 12
    2:51 pm

  6. “Ten has retained all their business.” High-fives all round in the sales department. Will the advertisers get a discount for getting a smaller audience that isn’t targetted to homemakers?

  7. Spagoni
    6 Aug 12
    2:52 pm

  8. I watched aghast this morning as the kind folk from Danoz Direct went through their speil. It dawned then that the last embers of hope and promise in the mroning breaky slot were beginning to flicker and die. We’d moved quite a while back from the sacharine goodness of Kochy and co. to at least put up with Karl the yob for while. Then, one morning when it all got tto redneck and weird we switched to Ten. We liked the fresh format and liked the doctor guy. We really liked the weather spot as it gacve only the facts and didn’t need live crossovers to damed-knows-where to make it interesting. We even forgave Paul Henry for his blatant right-wing diatribes. The worst of three evils, I suppose.
    This morning though Danoz Direct was the final straw. It might be Monday morning and we may be tired and grumpy. But, we’re not stupid. And so with one advertorial we were gone. Like many others I would imagine.
    So I guess ABC wins! It may be slow-paced and at times a little stuffy and boring, but at least we’re not treated like imbeciles.
    Ten…………what on earth can you be thinking? If you think that Australian breakfast audiences are going to sit through this rubbish then you deserve to wither.
    Bye bye.

  9. Nickatnights
    6 Aug 12
    2:55 pm

  10. I thought the Danoz Direct ad this morning was the highlight of the show. Seriously.

  11. Spagoni
    6 Aug 12
    3:05 pm

  12. Point taken Nickatnights.

    Come to think of it, I can’t recall anything at all besides hearing some garbled miracle mop noise instead of the usual Henry whine. I should take more notice next time.

    Say, do you get two mops for the price of one when you order those puppies? Do you think that their operator will still be standing by?

  13. Rob
    6 Aug 12
    3:29 pm

  14. F%&k! They really are insane, I always though they were a bit stupid and lacked compass but they have actually lost it…….
    The good ship TenTEL sails off with captain “Dude” at the helm….

  15. ham
    7 Aug 12
    9:29 am

  16. Spagoni, you act like you HAVE to watch television in the morning.
    Have you not noticed it’s ALL rubbish? Turn it off. Avoid the idiots. Read a newspaper or website.

  17. Andy
    7 Aug 12
    10:56 am

  18. Well thats the end of Breakfast…..what a stupid decision
    The Breakfast game is a long haul this is typical FTA…..revenue first viewer last…it should be the the opposite…then you would not need to do cheapening advertorials …..FOR GOD SAKE SOMEBODY HELP THESE PEOPLE

  19. Surin
    7 Aug 12
    12:02 pm

  20. It was gone already, no amount of time or bedding in was going to save Tens Breakfast, eventually it’ll go. So why not try to save some Cirlce money and move it into breakfast while its there.

    Is it working for the Advertisers though? This will be another test of the “whats ratings got to do with sales” approach .

  21. Offal Spokesperson
    7 Aug 12
    12:12 pm

  22. Unfortunately the ABC has been doing this for the past couple of weeks, in fact they ran TWO informercials for some incredibly exciting books (surprisingly written by ABC Journo’s????).

    Ive questioned the ABC about this blatant adverrtising, but im yet to hear back, sigh

  23. Nick
    7 Aug 12
    6:49 pm

  24. No wonder The Circle’s costs exceed revenues – I called The Circle 4 times, spoke to three staff and each time, I was promised a proposal and nothing ever arrived.

    I am not surprised.

    7 and 9, im sending my budgets your way.

  25. Dan German
    8 Aug 12
    1:42 pm

  26. Huge mistake. People are time poor at breakfast and will no patience for this.

  27. Ralph
    8 Aug 12
    2:51 pm

  28. Dear Advertisers formerly on The Circle.