Ten moves Young Talent Time to Friday, replaces it with Biggest Loser

Ten has switched Young Talent Time out of its “Super Sunday” schedule after weeks of disappointing ratings. The show will now air on Friday evenings in what the network says is a reinforcement of its strategy to turn Fridays into a family friendly timeslot.

The return of YTT initially rated well for Ten, with the first three weeks metro rating above 1m, but as Seven and Nine’s programming became more competitive, the talent show faded to below 700,000. On Sunday it rated a slightly improved 689,000, mainly helped by the audience run in from the Australian grand prix.

Last night Ten announced the move, which sees YTT replaced by the Biggest Loser, as a “reinvigoration” of its Super Sunday scheduling.

Sunday will also see the season finale of US drama Homeland run as a double length episode on Ten.


  1. Craig Seitam
    20 Mar 12
    12:52 pm

  2. Shame for YTT, it was my favourite TV show growing up.

    But the new version has ‘sinking ship’ written all over it.

  3. Drew Lambert
    20 Mar 12
    1:43 pm

  4. I think it will perform very well on Friday. The strength of competition was just too big for a kid friendly show on Sunday. So therefore mum and dad with the remote would always win over the kid’s preference.

    Friday is a wasteland of forgetable TV. Mums and dads are happy to relinquish control to the kids. They’re off doing better things with their evening.

    YTT is a great show that needs to be given time to find its feet. All the haters are probably the same people who would have hated the original version as well.

  5. Offal Spokesperson
    20 Mar 12
    2:09 pm

  6. YTT was/is incredibly average and Friday evenings is a fair place for it.

    Channel Ten, you are in a unique position with an incredible opportuntiy right in front of you. Your numbers are slipping, you must acknowledge you cannot compete with 7 and 9, so think about it. The market you suggest you aim at (20s) is increasingly nonconformist, they dont want more typical news and current affairs.

    Take the other line, dont focus on which diet this week, actually stand for something!!!…dont spit the typical line..maybe even support refugee rights?

    just a thought.

  7. Suzan Chapple
    20 Mar 12
    10:32 pm

  8. The creators of YTT 2012 have been very clever so far – luring in old fans with the first episode and keeping us interested with flashbacks and an increasing number of format changes that are reminiscent of the original YTT. They have also engaged the current generation of reality TV junkies with similarities to Australia’s Got Talent and Australian Idol. YTT will be successful – if it is just given time. As a mother of young children and an educator of primary school kids, I pray that programs like YTT are left alone to do there thing so that the kids of today can grow up with innocent, wholesome entertainment that does not intimidate or influence youths in a negative way. If we are honest – there is no other program like it.

  9. Lucy
    20 Mar 12
    10:46 pm

  10. The only problem with Friday night, is late night shopping. This may sound silly, but people do other things on Friday night, not a good move

  11. Sarah Nolan
    21 Mar 12
    2:57 pm

  12. I was really looking forward to the much anticipated “New Young Talent Time” and I have to say I am very disappointed with the new version. Where are the cute kids?? When I was growing up there were always some little kids in the team, like Tina and Dannii, these kids seem to be alot older. I remember when the kids were 16 they left the show…now they seem to be all 16! There is no cute factor whatsoever. Clearly the kids are talented, but they are boring. Whilst the older version may have been considered corny I think it was more entertaining. I believe there is definitely a place for this type of show, but it needs to get ratings, people like watching little kids that are super cute, not just a bunch of teenagers. The casting director should have mixed it up a little and had a broad range of ages.

  13. Suzan Chapple
    22 Mar 12
    10:22 pm

  14. I agree with you Sarah that at times it is boring and they need to make it more entertaining with more choreographed and entertaining numbers – there have been glimmers of this. But I think if we make these suggestions in appropriate forums they do actually seem to be taking them on board, so we can remain loyal to the show and hope for the sake of our kids that the network keeps it going.

  15. Anonymous
    25 Mar 12
    7:24 pm

  16. The show is very good, and the young team’s talent is huge. Everyone and the show is getting better, even Rob Mills. But Rob’s impact on the audience of today is not the same as Johnny Young’s on the audience of yesteryear – the authority and mystique is not there. The compere needs to change. Try Katherine De Leon from Hi Five. The kids of today are more sophisticated in taste, YTT has to change format and be a little lessy cheesy and a little more cool. But don’t cancel it !!

  17. Jay
    25 Mar 12
    7:25 pm

  18. they were my comments about cheesy and cool