Ten’s programming chief David Mott departs

david_mott_head_shotTen’s programming chief David Mott is leaving the company, the network has announced.

Speculation is likely to focus on Adam Boland, now at Seven, as a replacement for Mott. Boland is understood to be under contract at Seven until October. Another rumoured candidate is the programming director of Seven Melbourne, Graeme Hill.

However, Ten spokesman Neil Shoebridge told Mumbrella: “Both theories are totally wrong.”

Beverley McGarvey is to fill Mott’s role on an acting basis until a replacement is found.

In an interview at the beginning of the year, Mumbrella editor put to Mott the rumour that he might be replaced by Boland:

The announcement from Ten this morning:

Network Ten today announced the resignation of Chief Programming Officer David Mott.

“David has had an extraordinary career at Ten over the past 16 years,” Network Ten Chief Executive, James Warburton, said.

“He has been a fantastic asset for the network and we are sorry to see him go. David’s legacy at Ten includes landmark television programs such as MasterChef, Australian Idol, Rove Live, The Biggest Loser, Thank God You’re Here, The Project and Big Brother, and – more recently – Offspring, Puberty Blues, MasterChef All Stars and Bikie Wars: Brothers In Arms.”

Mr Mott said: “It’s a sad day when you say goodbye to friends and colleagues, and leave a place you hold so dear. But it’s a great day when you take stock on what has been achieved over 16 fantastic years.

“I am proud of the bold programming decisions we have made at Ten over that time, because without risk there is less chance of success.

“In a job where you live and die by the numbers, perhaps I’ve been luckier than most. It’s been a great ride, and I’ve loved every second of it. I leave behind a focused and committed creative team and I wish them all the best for the future.”

Beverley McGarvey continues as Network Ten’s Network Head of Programming and assumes Mr Mott’s responsibilities on an acting basis.

At the beginning of the year, Warburton used his first public appearance as CEO to back Mott, calling him ‘the best in the business’.


  1. DaveReporter
    24 Aug 12
    10:12 am

  2. Poor bastard!

    Someone had to the take the hit I suppose.

  3. Abe
    24 Aug 12
    10:16 am

  4. I feel for Mott. Tough, tough gig.

  5. Rob
    24 Aug 12
    10:17 am

  6. Only problem with this decision is that it’s 4 years too late. Hopefully a change of career will help him find his mojo. Not sad to see him go, but wish him well. McGarvey is a very bright woman, I’ll be interested to see how she goes if she’s given the chance to cut loose. Good luck to her, she has a very tough job, if she can make this work she will prove the Messiah is in fact a woman…

  7. TV Advertiser
    24 Aug 12
    10:19 am

  8. Talented guy but has been misfiring for a while. TEN is in deep content trouble and a replacement won’t be easy to find. Certainly was an innovator.

  9. Markus
    24 Aug 12
    10:20 am

  10. Get out while you can…

  11. Dante
    24 Aug 12
    10:32 am

  12. Poor bastard?

    So many bad decisions. It’s about time.

  13. Chris
    24 Aug 12
    10:32 am

  14. A talented guy, who takes risks and has made some very bold programming moves. While 7 and 9 have been conservative over the years, it’s been 10 that has been forging Australian TV forward. You only have to look at the way NINE are using the Mott playbook right now (5 years later). The Voice (Idol), Big Brother, Excess Baggage (Biggest Loser). It was Mott who really brought unscripted to this country.

    He should be respected for the risks he took and the great shows he gave birth too. And above all of this, he’s a good person.

  15. theuptake
    24 Aug 12
    10:34 am

  16. This isn’t about content. Ten’s current predicament is about demographics and geograhpy. The primary channel needs to skew older (25-54), leaving Eleven and One to pick up the younger demos. They also need to stop making shows that appeal to the inner suburbs and look outward (dumbing down? call it what you like) but shows like “I Will Survivre” are way too niched for bulk numbers. Also, they’ve got to ditch their “cool” branding – needs to mature and appeal to a wider audience.

  17. Alberto Rosso
    24 Aug 12
    10:34 am

  18. Is this Gina Rhinestone wreaking vengeance for the Dolt Report not rating well?

  19. PR Pro
    24 Aug 12
    10:40 am

  20. You can’t just change the coach and expect results. Ten’s line-up sucks. To use a political reference, Ten has lost its way big time

  21. Rob
    24 Aug 12
    10:43 am

  22. “While you can” would have been 18 months ago.. Mott donned the scuba gear and waited till the ship hit the ocean floor..

  23. Surin
    24 Aug 12
    10:44 am

  24. He was the only top senior exec left from the Blackley regime, I’m suprised he lasted that long. Some terrible decisions over the past 2-3 years not all Motty’s fault. Here’s hoping there’s an improvement over there, our industry needs 3 strong FTV players.

  25. Wayne
    24 Aug 12
    10:46 am

  26. His end would’ve made a great reality show. As a thought.

  27. Rob
    24 Aug 12
    10:50 am

  28. @theuptake That was almost verbatim what Ten was saying at the upfronts 2010 before ONETel took over..

  29. Bob Meadows
    24 Aug 12
    11:01 am

  30. If you keep delivering crap, sooner or later you have to pay the price. Despite what Ten management seems to think, many viewers are actually discerning in what they watch. They can only stand so much junk.

  31. Barry
    24 Aug 12
    11:16 am

  32. David’s contribution to television in this country has to seen in a broader context. Look at his programming decisions of the past. Some would say…brilliant and with the successes they achieved the numbers speak for themselves. Look at Nine’s. When you talk about losing you’re way, Nine took that prize a long time ago. Now Nine is on the mend with some serious strong programming inclusions. Motty wont be gone for long. His talent is still worth plenty and a break and new challenges will ensure he finds a new place in TV Australia. Where TEN is still really struggling is the domino effect. With so many shows not firing the audience looks elsewhere and with less eyeballs at TEN you’ve got a lot less to pitch to and that has to affect a new show’s potential. Some would say the new offerings have been poor programming decisions. That’s probably true, Feel for all those at TEN right now who are desperately trying to make things happen.

  33. RatsRepus
    24 Aug 12
    11:27 am

  34. Nobody Dance, Shitshire, Lara Bungle. Sheesh he didn’t have much to hang his hat on. Kind of like being manager of a wooden spoon football team. He got the sack because he didn’t get the best out of any of his players. And he didn’t buy wisely when he had the chance to do so.

  35. Georgie
    24 Aug 12
    11:37 am

  36. Where to now Channel Ten. You were a hip station at one time-Big Brother, Oz Idol,GMA. Now Channel Ten does not have any regular programs that I would like to watch.Thank god for foxtel

  37. Browny
    24 Aug 12
    2:42 pm

  38. David Mott and the programming team at Ten were one of the only Networks that have open to discussions with independent Producers about new and original formats. Their willingness to evaluate and give feedback on the various concepts should be applauded I wish more of the Networks has the same sized Kahuna’s as David and were open to risk a lot to win a lot.

  39. GREG
    24 Aug 12
    2:43 pm

  40. As an ex employee of TEN I feel for the station but these failures were not acceptable.
    When will these highly paid progrmers start talking to ordinary Joe public and get their thoughts on what they want to watch. Lets make a show where a bunch of guys travell the country dressed in drag. What a great idea….. NOT!!!!!

  41. RatsRepus
    24 Aug 12
    2:44 pm

  42. It’s hard managing a team that isn’t performing. Where every star you buy just doesn’t have the team mates around them to help them perform. And the fact that you have bought some very over rated stars eventually becomes your death knell. Hard Luck Motty. Buy yourself a Coffee Shop. Put your feet and enjoy not running up and down the halls of programming where good men are hunted and eaten by rats….

  43. Get Real
    24 Aug 12
    3:34 pm

  44. 16 years at the one place in this industry speaks for itself. Congratulations for all your achievements David Mott and best wishes for your future endeavours.

  45. Stephen Barr
    24 Aug 12
    4:07 pm

  46. David Mott’s last few years at Network 10 have been nothing short of abysmal….There is nothing “pioneering” or “visionary” about the litany of failures that Mott has palmed off as programming at 10.The insane garbage Mott hoisted upon Australian viewers in my mind totally eradicates any legacy he may have previously been entitled to.

  47. Dick Van Dyke
    24 Aug 12
    4:21 pm

  48. Ten, 9, Seven….Think newspapers a decade ago ….writings on the wall. Feed consumers rubbish content and they go elsewhere. What you’ll be left with is an ageing demographic who don’t know how to down load , use you tube etc etc.

  49. John Grono
    24 Aug 12
    4:27 pm

  50. To all the ‘about time’ commenters, do you have any inkling of what it takes to programme a network? What it takes to commission local content? To do the acquisition deals? Especially when a lot of the big content deals are already sewn up and you’re effectively locked out of negotiations. And when you do get to have the meeting, you have less money to stump up than the others.

    No I didn’t think so.

    There is a saying in footy – you don’t lose skill overnight. Motty was responsible for many ‘firsts’ here in Australia. You may not have liked them personally (I liked some) but many resonated with the population and were ratings winners. Sure in the past year or two things haven’t been rosy, but I think the shit being thrown says more about the commenters than Motty.

    And yes, he is one of the best blokes in the industry. He was back in his Perth days at TVW7 and he was at TEN as well, and he will be wherever he lands.

  51. terry salad
    24 Aug 12
    4:27 pm

  52. What ? You actually mean they employed someone who put this drivel together the mind boggles. I

  53. Hold on to your hat !
    24 Aug 12
    4:38 pm

  54. Warburton ….tick, tick, tick….

  55. $500
    24 Aug 12
    5:16 pm

  56. says Mott is a programmer at Google and has build a big audience for them before the end of next year. the only problem with letting the really talented senior people go so that you can make changes is that they can now go out and change the market.

    one generation’s “insane garbage” is another generation’s BigBrother, MasterChef, or Puberty Blues. These are some of the biggest, most culturally relevant pieces of entertainment in Australian history.

    he doesn’t have to go to a rival, he can go to a start up. look out!

  57. Ben
    4 Sep 12
    10:52 pm

  58. Yep I’ll take that bet, the net could be what everyone watches! Every station would have liked Mott.

  59. enough is enough
    10 Sep 12
    4:44 pm

  60. with the rubbish shows Channel 10 are offering, it is any wonder?