The Celebrity Apprentice wins Wednesday night with 1.3m

A challenge episode of The Celebrity Apprentice, where two rival KFCs went head to head, topped the Wednesday ratings, pulling in 1.278m for Nine – which won the night with 19.3% share.

The ABC’s Gruen Planet, which featured Liquid Ideas boss Stuart Gregor, continued to rate well, again pushing passed 1m in the 9pm slot. Spicks and Specks, which preceeded Gruen in the 8.30pm slot, also fared well for ABC1 with 1.037m.

Seven’s Sunrise was back on top at breakfast time after two successive mornings of decreasingly rare victories for Nine’s Today.

It was another dreary night for Ten, which not a single show in the top ten. It’s top-rating show was Modern Family, which pulled in 702,000 viewers.

Wednesday’s top 15 shows:

1. The Celebrity Apprentice – Challenge Nine 1.278m
2. Seven News Seven 1.226m
3. Gruen Planet ABC 1.162m
4. Today Tonight Seven 1.145m
5. Home and Away Seven 1.041m
6. Spicks and Specks ABC 1.037m
7. Nine News Nine 1.012m
8. The Celebrity Apprentice Nine 0.911m
9. Young Doctors Nine 0.908m
10. ABC News ABC 0.887m
11. The Hamster Wheel ABC 0.866m
12. A Current Affair Nine 0.826m
13. The One Seven 0.815m
14. Modern Family Ten 0.702m
15. CSI: Crime Scene Investigation Nine 0.654m

Wednesday’s channel share:

Nine: 19.3%
Seven: 18.7%
ABC1: 16.8%
Ten: 12.9%
7mate: 4.6%
Eleven: 4.5%
SBS1: 4.4%
7TWO 4.4%
GO!: 3.9%
ABC2: 3.2%
Gem: 2.8%
One: 2.4%
ABC3: 0.9%
SBS2: 0.7%
ABC News 24: 0.6%


  1. Nickatnights
    27 Oct 11
    10:44 am

  2. The show was entertaining. It’s a pity that commercial TV networks promote people like Pauline Hanson as a celebrity when she attained her fame through saying “Australia is in danger of being swamped by Asians”.

    Enough said.

  3. Adam Paull
    27 Oct 11
    10:47 am

  4. Margaret & David last night on ABC1 was the most enjoyable 30 mins of television I’ve seen in a long time – congrats to all involved!

  5. Christopher Ryan
    27 Oct 11
    12:57 pm

  6. Ten needs to refresh their staff and board of directors. Because Ten is losing money and they are losing ratings week after week. must stop import american shows and start making Aussie shows with a mix of Action, Sitcoms, Chickflicks and Drama. More tv series and something for everybody only Australian. Offspring will soon to be the only Aussie seires for Ten since this could be Rush’s Final season because of ratings decline in this Fourth Season. Are we seing the fall of Chanel 10 ???????

  7. davo
    27 Oct 11
    3:28 pm

  8. Seven’s Sunrise was back on top at breakfast time after two successive mornings of decreasingly rare victories for Nine’s Today. GO SUNRISE!! SUNRISE RULES! Hopefully is is “decreasing rare victories for Nine’s today’ . They are too “try hard” not at all natural. even the banter is so contrived and I cant stand Cam on Weekend Today!

  9. ronreedie
    27 Oct 11
    3:35 pm

  10. Congrats to ABC for running third in Wed’s ratings. They deserve it, as their line-up was thoroughly entertaining. And bouquets to David and Margaret for their 25th anniversary show.
    Channel 10 is sailing off into the sunset. Maybe, the first thing they could do is bring back Good News WEEK.

  11. James
    27 Oct 11
    4:43 pm

  12. Good luck James Warburton. You certainly have a very sick and sad network to fix quickly. Not only are the audience moving away so will the advertisers. A three hour breakfast and news early morning program!!! Who has three hours to sit down and watch yesterday’s news?

  13. just saying
    27 Oct 11
    5:44 pm

  14. If you have seen the American version of Celebrity Apprentice even not knowing who half of the “celebrities” are it is entertaining and classy unlike the Aussie version which is very cringeworthy. Unfortunatly I know who all the so called “celebrities” are – that is why I wont be watching!

  15. John
    27 Oct 11
    10:47 pm

  16. Love the ABC, great shows especially gruen transfer and planet

  17. Hoin
    28 Oct 11
    3:15 pm

  18. Channel Ten must be bereft of ideas. Not only are they copying Nine and Seven (and the ABC) with a new cornflakes show, they can’t even think of an original title. Ten are planning to call it Breakfast, but the ABC have been using that same name for their show for over two years.