The ghost of Park Street

With a whole week to gather the big stories, Ros Reines, the Sunday Telegraph’s third most important gossip columnist, rarely fails to disappoint.
And she’s come up with a cracker of an exclusive this week.
ACP Magazines’ Park Street Offices are haunted.

According to Reines: “There has been some even more fascinating developments in the building with the spirit of a late editor, said to have not quite left the HQ and to be helping to conjure up not only prospective grooms for journalists but adding her two cents to editorial conferences.”
It’s a pity that the Walkleys have already taken place this year as this tale would surely be a contender.
Still, Elle Halliwell, the Sunday Tele’s joint second most important gossip columnist, has also been pushing the journalistic boundaries with a full page investigation into the pressing issue of: do people at parties notice if you change your dress? To save readers their two dollars, the answer is, some of them do and some of them don’t.


  1. Rem Anis
    4 Dec 11
    1:00 pm

  2. “spirt”?

  3. mumbrella
    4 Dec 11
    3:09 pm

  4. Ta, Rem – sorted

  5. Craig
    5 Dec 11
    7:34 am

  6. But are they pansy ghosts?

  7. Loz_in_LA
    5 Dec 11
    2:16 pm

  8. Ros Reines – enough said.

  9. Hmm
    5 Dec 11
    2:37 pm

  10. After the disaster and embarrasment that was the reality TV show “Park Street”, this is perhaps the best PR stunt they could hope for. Nicely aligned with their tween target audience anyway.

  11. Marto
    5 Dec 11
    4:42 pm

  12. The Tele’s gossip gronks seem to think that every renter in Bondi with a nosejob is a celebrity. Unfortunately for them, the only people that are interested in the flaccid lives of the social pages regulars are the same flaccid souls who appear in them. You could walk any one of these F-listers down the main streets of every suburb outside of Bondi and they would not be recognised. And to make matter worse they actually run photos of the halfwits who write the stories. Talk about scaring little children. Confidential look like the cast from Lord of the Rings.

  13. KD
    5 Dec 11
    4:59 pm

  14. Perhaps the stench of death she smells is merely the magazine industry itself!

  15. Sally
    6 Dec 11
    7:57 am

  16. Every time I read this piece it makes me chuckle. Thanks.

  17. Logic
    6 Dec 11
    10:02 am

  18. the columnist they can’t silence