The world’s 15 best TV ads of 2011

This weekend, the Cannes Film Lions jury revealed its choice for the best TV ads of the last 12 months. There was one grand prix and 14 golds.

Here they all are:

Grand prix: Write The Future | Nike | Wieden + Kennedy Amsterdam

The Entrance | Heineken | Wieden + Kennedy Amsterdam

Slo Mo | Carlton Draught | Clemenger BBDO Melbourne

Braids | H2OH! Drink |BBDO Argentina

Premature Perspiration | Axe  | Ponce Buenos Aries

Shoelace | Otrivin nasal spray  |  Saatchi & Saatchi Switzerland

After Hours Athlete | Puma | Droga 5 New York

Force | VW Passat | Deutsch LA

Born Of Fire  | Chrysler | Wieden + Kennedy Portland

Office | Mexican Insurance Institution Association | Ogilvy Mexico

See The Person | Scope | Leo Burnett Melbourne

Dead Island Trailer  | Deep Silver | Deep Silver

Cage Cop | Skittles | BBDO Canada

Chrome Speed Tests | Chrome Browser | Google Creative Lab New York

Demo Slam: Chubby Bunny | Google Innovations | Google Creative Lab New York



  1. JHG
    26 Jun 11
    11:27 am

  2. Most of them are gold but really – the perspiration one is lame and the disability band one is a fail in my books…the message at the end is a good one but it goes for two and a half minutes before we get it. Tell me who would sit through that much of a mediocre song without switching off/losing interest/getting bored?

    Nike deserved to win and that Google Chrome one is brilliant – shows how super-slow motion can be harnessed originally

  3. David
    26 Jun 11
    10:12 pm

  4. Carlton Draft, then Darth Vader’s VW, then The Heineken Entrance (save for the annoying back-tune).

    In that order; rest can take or leave and that’s my opinion and no-body else’s.

  5. jean cave
    27 Jun 11
    12:00 am

  6. Loooved the footy one and the darth vader boy.
    some brilliant stuff done . . what?
    These seemed more like shorts than ads though.

  7. fraser
    27 Jun 11
    8:21 am

  8. @jean cave,
    same with me – the Nike and the VW are the stand outs for me. I still laugh every time I see the VW ad.

    All the other ads are good but I think in years to come if you looked at these again its only Nike and VW that would still stand out.

  9. A
    27 Jun 11
    10:53 am

  10. I have to get back to work now!

  11. Duke
    27 Jun 11
    11:24 am

  12. Anyone who thinks I (or anyone else with a regular life) has more than 30 seconds to devote to watching an advertisement is kidding themselves!

  13. cheesefingers
    27 Jun 11
    12:48 pm

  14. slow mo? bar room drop kicks wiggling to bogan opera. yeah, that really made you want to buy carlton draught. hate that ad.

  15. Mr Corbett
    27 Jun 11
    1:08 pm

  16. I bloody welled watching the Dead Island ad…which means that it is the best ad here and that I need to fucking harden up. Ponce.

  17. hmm
    27 Jun 11
    1:40 pm

  18. Wow, some of these go for way too long. How many clients have enough cash to make srue these are actually seen?

    The Force is the best one. Its the only one that made me laugh or stirred any type of emotion

  19. peter
    27 Jun 11
    5:05 pm

  20. Seeing Wayne Rooney in a caravan, overweight and unemployed was hilarious.