Tuckshop arms or bingo wings?

While the Shit Girls Say meme is somewhat tired, Dr Mumbo likes female-focused gym Fernwood Fitness’s reinvigoration of it with Shit Gym Girls Say.

The video was made by Honey Communications, with comedian Celia Pacquola featuring.


  1. jumpshot
    22 Jun 12
    1:06 pm

  2. Brilliant! Totally makes me want to go to Fernwood…

  3. Neocube Champ
    22 Jun 12
    1:58 pm

  4. Brilliant – love it! I’m a dude and I want to go to Fernwood

  5. Anonymous
    26 Jun 12
    11:18 am

  6. I love it! Totally makes me want to astroturf Mumbrella with comments of praise

    I mean go to Fernwood.

  7. Girl.0
    26 Jun 12
    4:28 pm

  8. Horrible. Not even funny.