Vanish NapiSan attempts to sponsor White House

Australian stain removal brand Vanish NapiSan is attempting to sponsor the White House.

Letters have been sent to the residence of the US president by the Reckitt Benckiser-owned brand, offering $25m for a five-year sponsorship deal.

According to a press release, the deal would involve signage display of the Vanish NapiSan Oxi Action Crystal White logo at the front of the building and an exclusive agreement to use only Vanish NapiSan product to wash its laundry.

The brand, which has set up a Facebook page devoted to its cause, claims it has secured a meeting with “a white house official” to discuss the proposal.

Jennifer Osborne, Reckitt Benckiser Australa’s category manager, marketing, said: “Vanish NapiSan is known as being the best fabric stain removal product in Australia. Now with our new Oxi Action Crystal White range, we want to be equally famous for whitening whites and are committed to sponsoring a building that speaks to our brand.”

The agencies behind the stunt were Euro RSCG Sydney and its public relations arm, Red Agency.

Osbourne said: “We believe that an Australian brand sponsoring such a famous American landmark will help encourage Australians to visit Washington DC. Our sign could well become a ‘must see’ attraction for our nation’s travelers and on the flip side we will also be placing Australia on the map with the Americans.”

She added: “Ten years ago people would be shocked if they heard that Arsenal Stadium in the UK (Mumbrella notes that ten years ago Arsenal’s stadium was called Highbury) would be sponsored by Emirates Airlines, a foreign name from the travel industry that had nothing to do with one of the world’s most historic soccer clubs. Today the Emirates Stadium has become part of day-to-day vocabulary.”


  1. Catfield
    13 Jul 11
    11:51 am

  2. Actually, the stadium was called Arsenal Stadium. It was colloquially known as Highbury, due to its location. A bit like West Ham’s Boleyn Ground is commonly known as Upton Park.

  3. Catfield
    13 Jul 11
    11:52 am

  4. …and Emirates Stadium is a different venue altogether.

  5. Oh dear...
    13 Jul 11
    12:09 pm

  6. Better get a bigger ramp because this is one huge stunt!

  7. Laura Verrelli
    13 Jul 11
    12:11 pm

  8. Errr anyone else think maybe its not the best message to promote something that “makes everything white again” on the white house?

  9. Anonymous
    13 Jul 11
    12:16 pm

  10. Am I the only one that sees the irony of putting a ‘Crystal White’ logo on a building resided by a black man?

  11. jim
    13 Jul 11
    12:40 pm

  12. Actual story reads: Lame idea transformed into PR stunt – with desperate ambitions to go viral – seeks industry news site willing to give it the time of day.
    Remember when this sort of idea used to stay where it belonged: in a student book

  13. Oli
    13 Jul 11
    12:44 pm

  14. Yeh Arsenal Stadium is probably not on the same scale as The White House. Aim High, Fall Further Reckitts…

  15. Doug
    13 Jul 11
    12:45 pm

  16. couldnt they have chosen a stunt location that could possible have even a slight chance of them saying yes? then people would get behind it.

  17. Oli
    13 Jul 11
    12:56 pm

  18. I smell Publicity Stunt!

  19. Chris
    13 Jul 11
    1:13 pm

  20. It would be more believeable if they’d approached Monica Lewinsky and got her to do an advert getting stains off her blue dress……

  21. Alyssa
    13 Jul 11
    1:25 pm

  22. This is going to make the yanks see red… whiter than white?

    Glad it’s not my brand…

  23. Tim
    13 Jul 11
    1:42 pm

  24. Australian brand? I think someone soaked the last remnants of the Australian bits off the label…

  25. David
    13 Jul 11
    1:47 pm

  26. If all else fails i’m sure “the White Horse” lounge in Surry Hills, Sydney would be happy to take the $25 million…

  27. meowmix
    13 Jul 11
    1:54 pm

  28. Wow… pimping out the whitehouse.

    While i can’t speak for all australians, i can’t say that any part of me will be visiting the whitehouse, as a tourist, just the see the sign.

  29. Blue
    13 Jul 11
    2:33 pm

  30. I’d love to be the person overheard by secret service saying “Yeah… we want to make the white house… vanish”

  31. Liam M
    14 Jul 11
    6:56 am

  32. Will never happen. But hats off to the client for cheekiness. Pretty different for a cleaning product.

  33. yawn
    14 Jul 11
    1:07 pm

  34. wow, 135 people ‘like’ this, what a raging success! does anyone else get the feeling all this stuff is a giant circle jerk and does absolutely nothing for the brand/advertiser? I’d like to know if agencies are selling these ideas or if clients are asking for them. if you’ve got $25m over five years, spend it on, i dunno, marketing perhaps!!

  35. fail
    22 Jul 11
    4:27 pm

  36. Who would want their brand associated with the criminal war-mongers residing in the whitehouse?! Go ahead napisan – pour money into the war machine, I won’t be using your product if you do.

  37. "Let's Bleach Obama" #fail
    22 Jul 11
    8:21 pm

  38. “we want to be equally famous for whitening whites”

    They do get that the dude who lives there is black, yeah?

    What are these Napisan people, covert teabagger racists?