When the Tele did comedy

daily teelgraph labour sussannah hardySo Dr Mumbo congratulates The Daily Telegraph on its front page – yes, honestly, front page – exclusive revelation that people who appear in ads are actors.

Even party political ads for Labor.

Who’d a thunk it?

But even more spectacular comes this reworking, voiced by The Tele’s Caroline Marcus:

The flame of political journalism still burns bright.


  1. Leslie
    21 Aug 13
    5:42 pm

  2. Oh God, this is going to lead to an arms race of awful politidubs, isn’t it?

  3. Hotdog
    22 Aug 13
    2:07 pm

  4. That spoof is the worst. The absolute worst.

  5. Zeppo
    22 Aug 13
    2:29 pm

  6. crap script and VO sorry

  7. stephen
    22 Aug 13
    2:57 pm

  8. Do the staff at the Telegraph still call themselves journalists? They are a joke.

  9. Richard Moss
    22 Aug 13
    7:50 pm

  10. Golly! What a shock revelation.

    In the guise of a disembodied voice and/or a character, I have endorsed many hundreds of products and services that I have never used or, in some cases, wouldn’t even contemplate using. There are also many that I do or have used and found well worth the effort.

    The fact remains that I would never endorse anything that I wouldn’t use or hadn’t used and found trustworthy, if I were asked to do so in my own name and persona.

    I have never been famous enough for any of this to matter (Thank Goodness) but I have lived long enough to appreciate the importance of Shakespeare’s words in King Henry V. ” I would give all my fame for a pot of ale and safety. “

  11. Rushdie
    27 Aug 13
    4:52 pm

  12. The original script and performance are absolutely spot on – well done to writer and director.
    The Telegraph represent the lowest point in tabloid history in this country.