When TV met the web, it was AWKWARD

So here’s a curiosity which has just been uploaded to Sony Australia’s YouTube channel.

Is this the most weirdly awkward couple ever to make an ad together?

Check out the awkward manouevre as the hipster guy sits down, then makes his girflriend clamber over him.

And their infantile love of cartoons.

And most of all, the utter disinterest the guy exhibits for most of the ad. If you can call it an ad.


  1. jean cave
    25 Jun 12
    3:44 pm

  2. They may be flatmates?
    The girl was the person who bought the TV for the flat.
    She doesn’t want him to watch football.

  3. Frances
    25 Jun 12
    5:02 pm

  4. It wasn’t great, but geez, it wasn’t THAT bad.

    “And their infantile love of cartoons” – You mean the two shots of one animated movie?

  5. Jim Beam
    25 Jun 12
    5:18 pm

  6. TV is too mainstream for that guy to give a shit.

  7. Dan
    25 Jun 12
    6:25 pm

  8. At least I know exactly what Sony is trying to sell.

  9. Logic
    25 Jun 12
    6:37 pm

  10. In his mind he is saying ‘TV is so dead, this heritage media stuff is so boring’

    Then he got off the couch and logged onto pinterest.

  11. 17 directions
    26 Jun 12
    9:16 am

  12. agree its a bit harsh – yes how dare they watch an animated movie for 1 second? And how dare Sony show us how their product works, in a format I’m sure they could subtitle and adapt for a number of Asian markets? (as much as I personally dislike sony products!)

  13. A Rat
    26 Jun 12
    10:20 am

  14. Nope, that was awkward. Is a weird, aloof look of self-contentment all girls watching TV can expect from guys these days? I think he was spaced out on something… maybe bath salts…

  15. Anonymous
    26 Jun 12
    11:16 am

  16. Yoko Ono & John Lennon, 2012 edition?

  17. Rushdie
    26 Jun 12
    12:26 pm

  18. you serious? It’s a harmless bit of product demonstration. Mumbrella got something against these guys or what?

  19. Scott Rhodie
    26 Jun 12
    12:30 pm

  20. So it’s kinda the same as an Apple TV but with a big remote control?

  21. mumbrella
    26 Jun 12
    12:43 pm

  22. Hi Rushdie,

    Which guys: Google, Sony, or aloof hipsters?


    Tim – Mumbrella

  23. alex
    26 Jun 12
    1:15 pm

  24. Well done Mumbrella,

    that’s 1’37 of my life I’m never getting back, the epitome of ‘nothing to see here’. Hope you’re getting some kickback for inflated hits figures.

  25. Henry
    26 Jun 12
    1:28 pm

  26. And what’s the industry got against Hipsters anyway? Perhaps rather than Hipster bashing we should focus more on the mediocre directing… Looks like another in-house team having a crack here.

  27. I McHunt
    26 Jun 12
    1:35 pm

  28. why wasn’t he allowed to touch the remote? what kind of guy is this? is this product for wiener males?

  29. Mark - Ross Davie Advertising
    26 Jun 12
    1:44 pm

  30. He’s got this skeptical look that says, why’d you waste money on a box that does less than your phone.

  31. Peter Miller
    26 Jun 12
    1:54 pm

  32. Bummer. I want one.

  33. Peter Miller
    26 Jun 12
    1:55 pm

  34. Oh, and he looks totally bored which is probably critical for the hipsters. Looking happy must be a put off.

  35. Greeny
    26 Jun 12
    2:05 pm

  36. Where is the personality ? It’s hard to get excited about the product when the talent are giving nothing but “I’m bored, too cool and this is bland”. Show some emotion.

  37. Steve Griwowsky
    26 Jun 12
    2:18 pm

  38. I think they just came outside after smoking a spliff. So give them a break.

    Steve G

  39. jude
    26 Jun 12
    2:34 pm

  40. #totes awks

  41. Brandon
    26 Jun 12
    3:12 pm

  42. He’s thinking: This isn’t the box you promised.

  43. Notmyrealname
    26 Jun 12
    4:20 pm

  44. Globalls. And to think Sony was once a badge brand we all wanted to own and have as a client. Quite sad. Game over.

  45. Jacob Hodgman
    27 Jun 12
    5:36 pm

  46. Slow news day?