Where were you when you heard that demodulation modules now had increased density?

Welcome to press releases from a parallel universe. Dr Mumbo is sure is that in the hands of the right journalist, this press release will make hearts beat faster. Just not him.

Appear TV Enhances Industry’s Most Flexible Head-End Architecture through NAB Launch of New Demodulation Solutions

Appear TV, a leading global provider of next-generation head-ends for broadcast and IP television, today announced the increased density of its leading range of demodulation modules that have double the density of its previous demodulation solutions for DVB-T and QAM Cable, which integrate with all Appear TV head end chassis. In addition, Appear TV also announced the launch of advanced new DVB-S/S2 demodulation functionality, including support for DVB-S2 Multistream, which makes the primary distribution of transport stream over satellite much more flexible and efficient.

Appear TV produces universal distribution head-ends for broadcast and IP television through an advanced modular architecture that provides industry leading flexibility and density with the additional benefits of saving space, energy and resources. Appear TV head-ends achieve this flexibility through populating head-end chassis with multiple input/output interfaces, transport stream processing, encoding, decoding, scrambling, de-scrambling, modulation and demodulation modules.

Still, on the plus side, Dr Mumbo is sure that this post will be awesome for SEO around the word demodulation.


  1. April Fool's Day
    17 Apr 12
    1:22 pm

  2. sorry everyone, this was meant to appear 16 days ago

  3. Offal Spokesperson
    17 Apr 12
    1:52 pm

  4. Was it embargoed?

  5. LW
    17 Apr 12
    5:11 pm

  6. WTF is a head-end chassis? And does my car have one?

  7. kirill
    18 Apr 12
    4:02 pm

  8. One second of googling allowed me to find this:

    Presumably this press release should have gone to some sort of specialist cable TV media rather than mumbrella. But really, is it worth making fun of it? “People in have funny jargon”. Hold the presses!

  9. kirill
    18 Apr 12
    4:03 pm

  10. That was meant to be “People in [insert special field here] have funny jargon”