Whybins wins top honours for Pedigree at 2012 AIMIA Awards

Whybin\TBWA\Tequila has won top honours at the Australian Interactive Media Industry Association Awards with its Pedigree Dog-A-Like campaign.

The campaign, which matched the facial characteristics of dogs with would-be owners via a smart phone app, was also named the top digital ad of 2011 in the Mumbrella Annual in December.

The winners list in full:

Best Advertising or Marketing

5X Mutant Gum, Soap Creative

Best Children’s

ABC For Kids Portal, ABC

Best Classifieds

Domain iPad App, Fairfax Digital

Best Cross-Platform

ABC iview, ABC

Best Financial Service

Investorville, BMF

Best Government, Science, Health & Environment

Spotlight, Leo Burnett

Best Integration with an Offline Campaign

5X Mutant Gum, Soap Creative

Best Learning & Education

Dept of Transport & Main Roads – Road Trip, BCM Partnership

Best Mobile Advertising or Marketing

Fanta More Fun Less Serious, Webling Interactive

Best Application on a Tablet or Mobile

Pedigree Dog-A-Like, Whybin\TBWA\Tequila

Best News, Media or Reference

The SMH/The Age Apps (for iPad), Fairfax Digital

Best Non-profit

RDNS Reflections, Lava Web Creations

Best Retail or Online Commerce

Dr. Cotton website, Evolution 7

Best Sport

Tour de France, SBS

Best Sport (commendation)

Rugby World Cup 2011 Match Centre – FOX SPORTS, Fox Sports

Best Tourism or Travel

Jetstar.com, Visual Jazz

Best Use of Social Media

Pedigree Dog-A-Like, Whybin\TBWA\Tequila

Best Use of Video

ABC iview service, ABC

Effectiveness Award

Pedigree Dog Adoption Drive, Whybin\TBWA\Tequila

The Innovation Award

Pedigree Dog-A-Like, Whybin\TBWA\Tequila

People’s Choice

Freelancer.com, Freelancer.com

Best Of The Best

Pedigree Dog-A-Like, Whybin\TBWA\Tequila

Outstanding Contribution Award

Rachel Dixon

AIMIA President Simon Goodrich said in a press release: “While people talk of industries going sideways or backwards, we need to continue to champion new opportunities and challenges. We’re mainstream now. Let’s not shy away from that.

He added: “Right now each and every day we are producing the same amount of data per day as all books ever written and words ever spoken in our entire prior history. The role of what to do with this, including rights and privacy online, will become an ever more public issue and we as an industry should be active in these debates. In Australia, we are great at digging things out of the ground. But globally we can make our footprint larger by leveraging our digital skills.”


  1. MrTruffle
    18 Mar 12
    9:34 pm

  2. Great work from Tequila there. Even the fact they changed the way the shelters take photos of the dogs is a big win for the client.

    ABC iView winning seems weird as I thought it was done a long time ago? And Best Use of Video…. technically yes but feels too obvious to award it to catch up TV (note I havent seen their entry so maybe I’m missing an important element.

    Also thought the SBS Tour De France work is world class too. That category (rightly so for Aus) is a good one.

  3. @handypearce
    19 Mar 12
    4:25 pm

  4. Congratulations @russtytuckle and the team at @tequila_aus – such an achievement!

    Russ – do you remember the first dog food campaign we did back in Brizzle as students? :)