Wonderful Pistachios ‘get crackin’ with Angry Birds, The Simpsons and The Peanuts Gang

The Peanuts Gang crack a Wonderful Pistachio

To mark its arrival into the Australian market, snack brand Paramount Farm’s Wonderful Pistachios has launched a new advertising campaign.

The four 15-second TV ads feature well known cartoons including Angry Birds, the Simpsons and Lucy from the Peanuts Gang ‘cracking’ the shells of Pistachios.   

James Kfouri, regional director of sales for Paramount Farms said: “The distinctive personalities and sense of fun engendered by the recognisable characters showcased in our TVCs definitely have great appeal.”

He added: “We’ve also tested the TVCs’ acceptance among Australian audiences to ensure they had just the right sense of quirkiness and humour to give strong Wonderful Pistachios’ brand association and result in likely purchase intent.”

Created in-house by the brand, the ads will be supported by in-store sampling a point of sale executions and a PR campaign.


  1. dannyboi
    29 Nov 12
    5:25 pm

  2. love these – but please change the VO to Aussie!

  3. Matt
    30 Nov 12
    11:58 am

  4. What I love about this is that if it works and they get some market share and make some money in Australia, it’ll be a classic case of 1950’s style marketing. i.e. ‘we have a product, a pile of money and a distribution network, let’s book some ads and people will buy our crap’. Which flies in the face of every customer-centric, brand engagment philosophy I’ve read in the last ten years, but I’ll bet it still works. Actually, I kind of feel like some pistachios now.

  5. Mark W
    30 Nov 12
    12:08 pm

  6. News flash, pistachios have been on sale in OZ… so how is this any different? Will still buy mine from the market, which I’m sure will be cheaper than these ones, as the little Greek man does not spend on advertising, and he even gives extra or other free-bees most times.

  7. Sarah Mitchell
    7 Dec 12
    8:57 am

  8. Great concept but how did they get licensing rights to Peanuts and The Simpsons?