The best print ads of 2012

In this roundup from the Encore and Mumbrella Annual, we look at the year’s best print ads.

1. Miroslav Underwear – Carriageworks 

Everything about this ad for Miroslav Underwear is wrong. From the image, a man with his head inside another man’s pants standing in a carpark, to the tagline, ‘quality best appreciated up close’, it was a clever use of the print medium.

2. Volkswagen – Tiguan

What’s the best way to beat rush-hour congestion? Take a detour through the storm drains of course. This print ad for the new Volkswagen Tiguan from The Gang Australia plays on the excitement owners get in knowing their car is built for off-roading. ‘Not that you would, but you could.’

3. DB Breweries – The Wine List

Colenso BBDO New Zealand’s latest print ad offers a step-by-step guide to what to do when handed the dreaded fancy wine list. Some of the best copywriting to come out of NZ this year, it picked up a well deserved Caxton gong for its prose.


4. Juvenile Research Diabetes Foundation – Timothy

A simple yet effective idea for the Juvenile Research Diabetes Foundation from George Patterson Y&R Melbourne. An entirely blank page covered in pinpricks form the head of a small boy to represent the amount of needle jabs he has had to endure.


5. TAC – Confusion

A suburban intersection turned upside down highlights how driving on drugs can affect your mind, in this ad for the Transport Accident Commission. The campaign, aimed at reducing road accidents caused by drugs, was created by Grey Melbourne.


6. Motor Accident Commission of South Australia – Body Crash

A pile of bodies carefully arranged and painted to look like a car involved in an accident was a different way to warn drivers of the human impact of speeding from Clemenger BBDO Adelaide.


7. Alibi Bourbon – Looking

An image of a questionably dressed woman with a tattoo on her back saying, ‘If looks could kill, youse should stop looking at me’ was part of a campaign from JayGrey directed at ‘hardworking, bullshit-free, bourbon drinkers’ for alcohol brand Alibi Bourbon.



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