ACU rebrands as it pushes ‘Impact through Empathy’ principles

Australian Catholic University has a new brand identity which aims to reflect its guiding principles of ‘Impact through Empathy’.

Created by Push Collective, the rebrand launched with its Open Day campaign, which shows a series of ACU alumni’s success stories.

A two-minute video shows some of the many issues society is facing, including climate change, homelessness, refugees and conflict, and how university students attending ACU can help.

The ad encourages people to “Go beyond the limits of your own point of view” showing the many courses ACU offer in the hopes of bettering society and students.

Erminio Putignano, managing director of Push Collective, said in a statement: “ACU’s focus of creating ‘Impact through Empathy’ signals a confident new direction for the university – one that celebrates both the university’s founding values and its aspiration to academic excellence.

“We wanted to convey the Catholic ethos of the university through a narrative that has universal appeal and projects a compelling idea of leadership for people of all backgrounds and religious beliefs,” he said.

“This work represents a significant evolution for the ACU brand. It’s a coming-of-age strategy for the university and it’s centred on an idea that has a relevance that’s truly universal and urgent in today’s world.”

“It has been embraced by the whole of the University and will deeply influence our staff and student experience, research and courses in the years to come,” said ACU director of marketing and external relations, Kathy Vozella.



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