Answers for Adam: Are Aussie agencies better with Brits, or without?

Answers_For_Adam-11 2This week Adam Ferrier asks whether clients prefer agencies with a British infulence, or true blue Aussies.

I was in a team pitching for some business recently, and I looked around as we were pitching and it struck me that everyone in the pitch team has an Australian accent. This, I hope you don’t mind me saying, gave me a little thrill.

adam-ferrier-2-copyIn my career I seemed to have surrounded myself with Brits, and although lovely, they do tend to go on a bit.

Further, as a profession we tend to like the British a lot, especially for our planners. English planners seem, on the whole, more intelligent than your dinky di Aussie bloke. I’m not sure why but I’m guessing their education system may have something to do with it.

In Australia many advertising executives get into advertising after studying business or accounting. Really what could be less inspiring than getting a business degree? Who want’s to study ‘business’ to become a ‘business man or woman’? Very few people I’d imagine.

In England most people study things they’ll never be like philosophy, or letters, or Latin. All completely useless, but somehow just make people more interesting and seemingly intelligent before they become dumbed down ad folk.

Now when I used to pitch with English people I’d tend to give advice (especially if newly arrived) the advice was simple things such as play down your Englishness, don’t go on about how great advertising is in the UK, and don’t be overly theoretical.

I’d say this stuff arguing that many Australian’s have an inbuilt distrust of the British – still. However, as I’ve never really bothered to find this out for certain, it could have just been me acting on my own prejudices?

So anyway, my question this week may be construed as a little racist so please forgive me, and it’s aimed more at clients who read Mumbrella. The question is this:  Would you rather, all other things being equal, the agency pitching to you have at least one English person in it (e.g. the planner) or would you be happier with the all Australian variety?

Adam Ferrier is a consumer psychologist and CSO at Cummins & Partners. @adamferrier


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