ANZ uses Simon Baker and tiny art for latest brand campaign

ANZ has brought back The Mentalist actor Simon Baker for its latest advert which also uses the work of artist Willard Wigan, who creates his images in the eye of a needle.

The ad, by Whybin\TBWA Melbourne, compares the world of finance to the work of the artist, with Baker saying: “At first glance the world of finance can look large and complex, but in the right hands it can be distiller to something simple and understandable.”

Whybin\TBWA Melbourne CEO Andrew Scott told Mumbrella: “It’s about making the complex more simple which is what the bank is driving to do and is doing. It came about around this idea of Willard Wigan who produces all of these amazing pieces of art in the eye of the needle.”

Simon Baker as his character in The Mentalist Patrick Jane has appeared in 23 ads in the series which first launched in 2011. He replaced ANZ’s character ‘Barbara the banker’.

The campaign runs across TV, print and online.

“He’s been fantastic to work with,” Scott said. “Patrick Jane only appears in the TV and some of the online components. It runs in 29 countries in Asia Pacific as well not just Australia.”

The ANZ are currently touring the art exhibition featured in the commercial around the country, and it is set to travel to New Zealand and Singapore after that.



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