April Fool’s 2016 round-up

April 1 brings out the fool in many of us. Here’s a wrap-up of the April Fools gags we’ve spotted. We’ll be updating it throughout the day, and you can send any you spot to

Mark Scott for ABC Playschool host

For months, the industry has been asking what Mark Scott will do next and today the staff at the ABC got the answer with the ABC using April 1 to announce him as the new Playschool host. Mark Scott

The release went up on the ABC intranet earlier today announcing: “After 10 years at the helm of the organisation, ABC Managing Director Mark Scott has traded the corner window for the circle, square and arch windows of Play School becoming the programs newest host.

“Of his new position Mark said “I love the organisation so much that the thought of leaving left me feeling quite sad. I was approached by the producers to do a screen test for the show and I was surprised and excited to be offered the role of host.”

“Mark brings a set of unique skills to the role “My primary school education has given me a great foundation of literacy and numeracy skills I can use on the program. I can recite the whole alphabet and count well past 100. I’m really looking forward to picking up some new skills as well particularly in arts and crafts.”

He said “There have been some real masterpieces created on this program like making oneself look like a turtle by attaching a simple laundry basket to your back or making a computer out of a cardboard box.”

“Mark is joining Play School as it celebrates its 50th anniversary. The program was first broadcast on the ABC in 1966 and has become a staple for generations of Australian’s growing up.

“Mark’s first episode with the program will be in May.”

Cats demand purr-ivacy

Cat litter company Poopy Cat has a fun video about cats demanding privacy when they poop.

The video is worth a watch built around the idea of Australian cats wanting the right to use the bathroom in peace.

Pringles in a bag 

Screen Shot 2016-04-01 at 1.21.14 pmPringles are famous for coming in a tube but no more…

On April 1 the company announce that after following consumer demand the makers of Pringles Chips have released a teaser image, of their soon to be available stackable chips in a bag. 

Screen Shot 2016-04-01 at 1.17.19 pmCars on top of the Sydney Harbour Bridge 

The Daily Telegraph may be tipping a new identical Sydney Harbour Bridge but the National Geographic Channel is reporting it’s own “answer to Sydney’s ongoing traffic congestion”.

We’re not so sure but the views would be amazing. 

TinderlingTinder for kinders 

Kinderling have launch its brand new baby dating app, Tinderling.

It aims to pair children aged 2 to 7 years for playdates in a couple of clicks. Kids will of courseneed to borrow their parents phone to access their profiles and browse through potential playdates, and chat about similar likes such as nap-times, and toilet-training skills.

“Kinderling’s always been about building a strong community, and this app really takes that to a whole new level,” says Product Operations Officer, Elsa Fromme-Frosson. “With this app, there’s no need to leave friendship to chance. Now kids can find the most compatible companions in the most efficient, targeted way possible.”

Walkley Awards goes digital with Josh Thomas and “respected gender commentator” Mark Latham 

Most years we do our own prank here at Mumbrella (one year we took the Australian Financial Review broadsheet) and this year we announced new Walkleys categories including: best aggregator and enhanced social media headline of the year. 

For those who were worried this might be too close to reality we also appoint former Labor leader Mark Latham chairman of the jury and had comedian Josh Thomas leading the jury for most engaging millennial posting. We also rebranded the logo – but in 2016 some might wonder which logo better suits modern journalism?

The current Walkleys logo.

The current Walkleys logo.

Mumbrella's new emoij logo for the Walkleys.

Mumbrella’s new emoij logo for the Walkleys.

Google nails search with Searchable Socks

GoogleGoogle finally invents the search you’ve always wanted – an app to help you find your missing socks.

In a blog post the online search company notes: “Do your socks mysteriously disappear after you’ve done a load of washing?

“This is a serious problem for many Australians, who end up with boxes and boxes of mismatched socks. Every year we have been resigned to add new orphans to the box… until today.

“We’re teaming up with retailers across Australia to launch a new range of Searchable Socks — to organise the world’s undergarments and make them universally findable”

A new form of lighting called ‘dark’

darkLighting company Ambience Lighting have introduced a revolutionary Scandinavian-inspired lighting technology called ‘Dark’.

Their Facebook post notes with zero energy, no power bills, no annoying switches, the new lighting will will transform any room – as shown in photo…

Meat & Livestock dump ad agency after founder goes vegan

Screen Shot 2016-04-01 at 11.41.02 amOur competitors over at Adnews have a fun agencyland prank reporting that Meat and Livestock Australia (MLA) is dropping creative agency The Monkeys from the roster after it emerged agency co-founder Mark Green, had gone vegan.

MLA marketer Andrew Howie is quoted in the piece saying:  “We are supportive of Mark’s brave yet flawed life choice. As a team we have enjoyed amazing results which have been chop of the pile. Sadly, from time to time the interests of business partners diverge. We are not in the habit of roasting nor lambasting them for that.”Ten goes for older audience with The Bachelor for seniors 

SeniorsNews Corp website Rendezview has reported Channel Ten is preparing to launch The Bachelor: The Senior Years. 

“Keen to capitalise on the huge ratings success enjoyed by the popular reality series The Bachelor and The Bachelorette, television executives have given the green light to a spin off which will feature romance seekers aged 65 and over,” the women’s website writes.

“While the glamorous casts of The Bachelor and The Bachelorette feature men and women aged in their 20s and 30s, the lonely hearts set to star in The Bachelor: The Senior Years will be of a more mature vintage.”

Screen Shot 2016-04-01 at 11.12.59 amMamamia reports Tony Abbott reappointed minister for women. 

Some pranks are too close to real life. Mamamia is reporting Malcolm Turnbull has reappointed Tony Abbott minister for women.

Abbott held the title when he was prime minister. The piece notes how the “shocking Cabinet reshuffle” comes ahead of a potential double dissolution.

sportsbetSportsbet worried about aliens? 

Online betting agency announced it has done a stunt where it suspended betting on the existence of aliens.

“We’ve gone where no bookie has gone before and declared the truth IS out there and suspended betting on their existence,” said Will Byrne Sportsbet’s “conspiracy correspondent”. 

The company said decision was made: “after having some legitimate close encounters with new account holders wagering supernatural amounts at odds of $501.” Geddit?

Jetstar Asia adopts Singlish as official language


ZOOK launch dating app

Zoosk, launch new dating app ‘Burrit-OH’. The app helps to pair potential daters with their love of burritos.

In the new age of dating based on rules and judgement, the app helps daters match on something more profound and help to find a true soulmate.

The Cardashians

Bank introduces ‘no limit’ cards the ‘cardashians’

Industry super fund-owned bank ME has released a new line of credit cards with no limit. There are four credit cards to choose from: cim, chloé, courtney and cris. The bank is also offering the ‘canye’ debit card which has no overdraw facility.


Screen Shot 2016-04-01 at 10.18.51 am

NRL Gossip announces new Rooster

According to the Facebook page, the Sydney Roosters have announced the signing of Jarryd Hayne for the remainder of the 2016 season.

Sony develops ghost-catching device

Sony has announced its has developed what every amateur ghost buster wants – a ghost-catching device.

The Proton Pack will be the first of its kind to capture ectoplasmic matter.


The secret plan to rename Victoria after Queen Elizabeth II has reported on the plan to rename one of Australia’s iconic states after the Queen. Victoria will be renamed to Elizabeth in honour of the Queen’s 90th birthday.

Screen Shot 2016-04-01 at 10.07.15 am

WSFM reports on bridge tolls

Radio station WSFM have been running a story in their news bulletins suggesting the government is going to place tolls on all bridges in Sydney. The new tolls will require motorists to purchase a “B Tag” with prices for different bridges listed on this website. Crossing the Anzac Bridge will set drivers back $4.95, while Tom Ugly’s Bridge is the most expensive with a $5 toll. Woronora River Bridge is the cheapest at $2.


Screen Shot 2016-04-01 at 10.03.47 am

Nissan launches matchmaking service

Nissan is set to connect single drivers with its N-Connect App, offering singles a new take on Tinder.

Parrots Of The Caribbean

Audible announces audiobook performed by talking parrot

The Amazon-owned company has announced the world’s first audiobook performed entirely by a talking parrot, Parrots of the Caribbean. The parrot – named Jack Sparrow – was enlisted following Aussie demand for non-human recordings.

Screen Shot 2016-04-01 at 9.57.20 am

Star Observer announced guest editor

Christian lobby leader Lyle Shealton has been appointed guest editor of LGBTI news publication Star Observer. “In what is speculated as an attempt to expose the LGBTI community’s alleged plans to “influence” children and peddle “pink propaganda”, for today only Australian Christian Lobby (ACL) managing director Lyle Shelton will assume all duties normally undertaken by Star Observer Editor, Elias Jahshan,” the announcement said.

Virgin Australia introduces Kids Class


TV Tonight reveals Michelle Guthrie’s “bold plan”

In a TV Tonight exclusive, it’s revealed incoming ABC managing director Michelle Guthrie has a bold plan to begin advertising on the ABC. According to the secret plan, which was leaked to TV Tonight, key programmes will carry advertising from May.


The Travelodge Hotels announce ‘Cold Call’ wake up calls

Travelodge Hotels are launching a new service that guarantees its hotel guests to wake up bright and early for their early flights or meetings.

The Travelodge ‘Cold Call’, has a hotel team member delivering a splash of cold water to the hotel guests face. Customers can request the service when booking the room, available weekdays between 4am-6am.

The Travelodge Hotel have said the new measure will ensure there will be no rolling over and going back to sleep.

Travelodge’s brand ambassador, Australian comedian and host of I’m A Celebrity … Get Me Out Of Here NOW! Joel Creasey raves about the new service, “I’ve never felt better. Waking up to a splash of cold water has amazing benefits that you just can’t get with a phone call. It de-puffs the eyes, tightens the skin, fights wrinkles plus, it wakes you up for a productive day ahead.”

The Drum welcomes new guest host

The Drum has welcomed Chris Kenny as it’s new guest host.

Dickie’s not coping#BREAKING: All New Zealand-born Australians will now have to pay a one off 10% superannuation levy to the New Zealand Government… Not ideal for Dickie. #9Today

Posted by TODAY on Thursday, March 31, 2016

Today Show pranks Richard Wilkins

The Today Show targeted Richard Wilkins with its joke which saw them report a news story on all New Zealand born Australians having to pay a one off 10% superannuation levy to the NZ government. Dickie didn’t seem impressed.

Screen Shot 2016-04-01 at 9.37.05 am

Scientists mix DNA from coffee and grape vine to combat climate change

The Sydney Morning Herald’s efforts saw them report on an announcement that scientists have mixed the DNA from a coffee plant with that of a Shiraz grape vine to produce hybrid that could in the future see viniculture in the Hunter Valley replaced by coffee production due to the impact of climate change.

Screen Shot 2016-04-01 at 9.10.56 am

Daily Telegraph announces second Harbour bridge

According to The Daily Telegraph a second Harbour Bridge will be built alongside the current crossing as part of a radical plan to reduce congestion and boost tourism. The downside of course is that either Luna Park or Kirribilli House will need to be demolished.

Kayak games

Kayak releases 80s only arcade themed games 

Travel booking agency Kayak have gone old school with an arcade-themed takeover at The company invites customers to take a break with a spot of Tetris or one of the many other popular 80s video games on offer while they search for their next holiday. Better yet, get lost in the gaming with classic hits from the 80s like Take On Me from A-Ha, Final Countdown by Europe and Never Gonna Give You Up from none other than musical genius Rick Astley. Crank the music up and get the happy vibes flowing!

Thirsty Camel bottleshop launch world-first delivery service

Thirsty Camel has launched a new service, thought to be a world first, offering delivery by live camel in selected areas. Customers interested in using the service can order online at and select the ‘Camel Delivery’ option for the next available Camel.

Thirsty Camel Marketing Director, Leah Grinter confirms, “The liquor retail space is a competitive one, so we were looking for a point of difference, something that would resonate with consumers and really bring the brand to life.”

“Camels have the added appeal of being environmentally friendly, and they can go anywhere, so they’re not constrained by Melbourne traffic conditions. Of course, it’s something else to see a real live Camel arrive at your door.”

“There has been a huge amount of interest in the service; we have a caravan of camels ready and waiting for orders.” The new delivery option is being launched in an integrated campaign across radio, digital and social media platforms on Friday 1 April. Thirsty Camel bottleshops is one of Australia’s leading independent liquor retailers with over 400 bottleshops Australia wide.

krispy kreme printer

Krispy Kreme launches limited run 3D printer

In a revolutionary feat of engineering, Krispy Kreme has launched the 3Doughnut Printer that allows consumers to 3D print their own little moments of delectable joy at just the touch of a button.

The limited run 3D printer also comes with 12 pods of Krispy Kreme’s world-famous special glaze to achieve the same mouth-watering flavours at home. With an RRP of $8,990, the Krispy Kreme 3Doughnut Printer is definitely a big ticket item for early adopters and ultimate fans of the humble doughnut.

— amanda meade (@meadea) March 31, 2016

Breaking: @GuardianAus to start printing local daily edition of newspaper after digital numbers soar.

The Guardian to begin printing local editions
Amanda Meade is a pretty good April Fools prankster – her most famous was when she cancelled PlaySchool causing the ABC switchboard to be swamped with complaints from upset parents.


Bank of Melbourne aerial teller machine

Bank of Melbourne takes to the air for new customers

As part of our commitment to technology here at the Bank of Melbourne, we’re excited to introduce our brand-new Aerial Teller Machine service. It’s been a long time coming, but this month, we’ll finally get these money-dispensing drones up in the air for your convenience.

The next update to our app will include a button that will activate the service and summon an Aerial Teller Machine to your current location, allowing you to withdraw cash just like a regular ATM. Welcome to the future!‪#‎ForTheMakers

Ray White achieves sales record of $1.25m with prestige kennel

Ray White achieved a record sale with the conclusion of a bidding war for a pooch palace on Sydney’s northern beaches for $1.25 million. The sale is the first in the real estate agencies new line of residential and permanent offerings designed solely for pets.

Houzz combines artificial intelligence with homewares to spot flaws

Houzz Australia, an online platform for home renovation and design, released Houzz Smartz, the first artificially intelligent-enabled line of home products and furnishings to help a home look and feel its best.

Supporting multiple languages, Houzz Smartz products would ensure that a room looks perfect everyday. They have in-built sensors to detect dirt, smudges and wrinkles.

Cute on Call

Access PR launches world-first ‘Cute on Call’ content division

Leading independent Australian PR agency Access has launched a content division called Cute on Call, offering a range of adorable puppies, kittens, babies and bunnies to hire for promotions and original content. In a clever twist, a selection of ugly babies will also be available.

“Not-so-pretty babies are quite funny and, used properly, can attract a lot of attention. We call them ‘quirky bubs’ to avoid offending any overly sensitive parents,” said Access CEO Andrea Kerekes. “For any brand wanting to engage mass audiences online or in face-to-face activations and promotions, having something young and cute – maybe not so cute – has become virtually mandatory.

Anyone interested in hiring ‘cute’ talent or registering their baby – ugly or gorgeous – with Cute on Call can indicate their interest by emailing

Airtasker expands to enlist dogs in new brand expansion

Dogtasker is a new canine initiative launched today by Airtasker to enlist trained assistance dogs to complete tasks for customers from food delivery and house cleaning to furniture assembly and website coding.


Voda-Drone will extend the Vodafone network which currently covers 97% of the Australian population, by deploying an on-demand service to reach and cover the remaining 3% so no cat video is ever missed again. When you need it, send your local Vodafone store a message of “Voda-Drone”. Voda-Drone will be deployed at high speed and travel to your location within 30 minutes to share sweet sweet Wi-Fi down to your device. However, given the current limits on Wi-Fi modem range, reception is only available up to a certain distance away from the drone.

Blimp pilot first reported case of rare new ‘regular high-flier’ syndrome

An Australian blimp pilot, Adrian Crozer, is the first man to be confirmed with a case of Stridiovox Dysphonia. The ‘squeaky voice’ affliction is caused by prolonged exposure to helium gas which constricts the vocal cords resulting in a high ranging vocal tone or ‘helium voice’. There is no known cure.

Ansell Condoms introduces new Rewards program

Ansell introduces its eco-friendly redemption program which allows customers to save on their future purchases by mailing in their used recycled condoms. More information can be found at:

Donald Trump

Groupon was the first cab off the rank cashing in on the Donald Trump-themed panic to offer an Aussie family the chance to escape to a remote island for four years should “his infamous brassy bouffant, perma-tan, tiny hands and Twitter feed rants” make it to the White House in November’s elections.”

According to the release: “The Isle is the tropical antidote to a Trump-filled world, surrounded by crystal clear turquoise waters, white sand, an abundance of fresh fish and produce, and most importantly, common sense.

“During their extended holiday, which can only be won via an online ballot on, the winners will be housed in a custom-built luxury dwelling offering all the comforts of home without connection to the outside “Trumpified” world.

“They’ll spend their days living life as it was pre-Trump, safe in the knowledge there will be no exposure to his antics and potential effects on the Aussie way of life.”

Contiki announces sale of the world’s first VR travel itineraries

‘Virtually Unlimited’ is the new, groundbreaking product Contiki is putting on the market for young Australian travellers. This high-tech way of travel offers five guided three-dimensional virtual reality experiences.

Ten ‘Virtual Experience Centres’ (VEC’s) are opening across Australia today, offering 3-hour virtual trips for $149 per person; some of the virtual destinations include Oktoberfest in Germany, Machu Picchu in Peru and Iguazu Falls on the border between Argentina and Brazil.

“We have been experimenting with virtual reality for over 18 months now and are proud to be the first travel company in the world to introduce complete virtual reality travel itineraries for all senses.

As people increasingly become time-poor and technology improves, Contiki is redefining travel and taking it to the next level. Our new ‘Virtually Unlimited’ product is the future of travel and a disruptor to the entire tourism industry, especially for airlines and accommodation providers,” said Katrina Barry, Managing Director Contiki.

Young Australians can be the world’s first travellers in experiencing the new ‘Virtually Unlimited’ itineraries by booking a three-hour journey at their closest ‘Virtual Experience Centre’ (VEC) through Contiki’s new microsite.
OpenTable Taste Technology - Apple
OpenTable unveils dish pics you can taste

Today OpenTable is launching OpenTable Taste, a new feature available exclusively within the OpenTable app that gives diners the pleasure of discovering the perfect dish with a simple lick of their phone or tablet.

The spoof campaign will see the brand launch “new” taste technology that allows diners to sample some of the most renowned restaurant dishes before getting to the restaurant by licking the image of the dish on their mobile or tablet device.

How does OpenTable Taste work?

  • By leveraging revolutionary 4D technology, OpenTable makes it easy for restaurants to share and promote their favourite dishes and have them transcend space and time.
  • The temperature control via tongue swipes ensures that the desirability and integrity of the dish is maintained from the first to last lick.
  • Diners looking for the perfect meal – or wanting to relive one – can simply open the latest version of the OpenTable app to find restaurant dish photos and lick away.
  • The technology also makes it possible for diners adhering to special diets ranging from low-carb to paleo to taste anything they want guilt-free.

eharmony and tarong zoo koala

Sink your claws in to Australia’s newest dating site

Today, Australia’s most trusted online dating site eHarmony, in partnership with Wild Life Sydney Zoo in Darling Harbour, has announced the launch of aHarmony, a revolutionary new dating platform specifically designed for animals, where pet owners can find fluffy, scaly or even prickly partners using eHarmony’s famous Compatibility Matching System.

With Australia having one of the highest rates of pet ownership in the world –63% of Australian households now owning a pet – eHarmony and Wild Life Sydney Zoo saw a gap in the market.

Currently in the final stages of development, eHarmony has been working with WILD LIFE Sydney Zoo over the past year to develop the new platform, uncovering dating rituals and key compatibility factors for animals. Human parents will be able to register their much loved cat or dog to find a furry plus one in the local area for love, friendship or even for breeding purposes.

Wild Life Sydney Zoo’s vets and keepers have been working closely with eHarmony’s relationship experts to perfect the dating website’s well-known compatibility matching system for animals, working with different animals at the Zoo including Davey the Quokka, Jack the Koala and Candy the Sugar Glider.

Forget puppy love, Davey the Quokka is looking for someone to take selfies with while enjoying a jar of peanut butter, while Jack, known to the other Koalas as a bit of a ‘womaniser’, is now ready to settle down and is looking for a partner who is willing to look past his chequered history and penchant for Eucalyptus.

Meanwhile, Candy the Sugar Glider is just looking for a high flyer who loves to wind down with a glass of fruit and partake in TreeFlix and chill on weekends.

Melissa Retamales, Keeper at WILD LIFE Sydney Zoo, said the trial with eHarmony has been a success.


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